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Working in a 711 I notice a few percipient things about the store.

Thou the location was closer to home, an better community. I was told by many male customers that the ladies that I would be working were always pushy an will deferentially dump all the work on me. True the Odds Of working in such a Place surrounded by women would mean Heaven, but in this case most of them were Only friendly to work. During such times they would take Longer breaks. Go out side an Smoke, Complain about there Cooler been to cold. That manager Name Kim Will say that I been Rude to customers, that I should be more polite to co-workers an such. However they them self's manage to flit with me, bugged me while a work, talk to me. They were all trying to make me upset an even i try very hard to be calm they seem they wanted me out.
Then finally I ignored them an they suddenly got all mad. Thou I felt like i was been sexual harassed by all of them. I told the manager about it but was ignored. However They continue a Lady name Kelly always talk behind my back when she "told I did not finished all my work" Or that I should quit cause I was too Slow.

I must say this I work like Horse in that place trying my best to sort all things up but the continues distractions on that Work Environment was Overwhelm. It felt like they were trying to get rid of me since i was the only Male in the store an that store was run by higher women. I felt abuse by them. Thou I wish someone would take a look into this matter.

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      Jul 21, 2011

    Where is the sexual part, seems like you work at a convenience store with the typical low life who matriculates there.

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