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1800-MATTRESS / Defective Mattress sold

1 PA, United States

I bought a Mattress with Box Spring from 1800-MATTRESS (online) last year in August. This mattress was fine for few months and started sagging after that. This mattress became so uncomfortable that it started hurting my lower back. I tried various options like putting the comforters below the mattress, turning the mattress periodically and every thing I tried was in vain and didn't improve the condition at all, instead made it worse.

As the condition of the mattress was becoming worse, I was thinking of buying a new mattress and looked at the invoice (this was the only receipt I got when I bought this mattress) I got when I bought the current mattress to look for any kind of warranty on the current mattress. The invoice said that it only has 3 months of warranty.

Thinking that the warranty has expired on the current mattress, I went to nearby Sleepy's store looking for a better mattress and explained him the difficulty I had with previous mattress and he looked up to the details and said that my current mattress has a 10 Years warranty.He asked me to call 1800-mattress and explain the situation.

I was surprised to hear that because 1800-mattress (where I originally bought the mattress) never gave me a Warranty Document and never mentioned any kind of warranty in any form.

I then talked to Warranty department at 1800-mattress and explained the situation. 1800-mattress scheduled for a Bed check inspection and finally gave the report to 1800-mattress.

I got a call from 1-800- Mattress after they received the experts report only to be told they found a stain, which the expert never told or showed me, and said the entire warranty is void. In other words, they agree both the mattress and the box spring is defective but a stain, I can't even find, voids the entire warranty. 1-800-mattress said you're stuck with the defective mattress and box spring because of a stain, that has nothing to do with the sagging mattress and box spring and a stain I can't even find.

What surprised me is that, instead of accepting that they have sold a defective mattress to the customer they wanted a silly reason to decline the warranty giving some unnecessary reasons (like having stains).

First of all 1800-mattress didn't give me the warranty document when I purchased the mattress. When I raised this issue they said that if I need the warranty they will mail it out to me now. Why was this not sent me when I bought the mattress? This way I would have known the warranty rules.

I have read elsewhere that 1-800-mattress will find anything they can to void a warranty and not be held accountable for the defective merchandise they sell and now it's happened to me

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