180 Credit Solution / missing in action

P.O.Box 128, Melissa, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 972-837-4787

We signed up with the service with 180 credit solution in august, 2009 with sarah carey. She was very professional and sounded very genuine at the beginning. But we never get any updates from them. We always have to call for updates. Unfortunately the very last time we managed to talk to her was in november 2009. Since then we have not been able to reach her or anyone at the company. We tried calling a few times a day but it always go to the answering service. We left messages but no one response to our voice messaged, same thing with emails. They have collected all their service fees but we haven't seen any results. The most frustrating part is that we can't reach anyone and they chose not to return our phone calls & emails. I even tried to send message to the ceo of the company via this website. I was hoping that he will get back to me b/4 I lodge the complant. It's been more than 1 week and he never respond to my message either. It's really bad for company to take advantage of the unfortunate situation of others, collected money upfront, and disappeared. False promises and bad business ethics.


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