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Cleary Building Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Cleary Building Corporation / no follow up - salesmen quit - terrible business ethics

Jan 13, 2019

Be wary of this company. I was all signed up, deposit given and was ready for my new barn. Unfortunately my sales rep quit and I was never notified. After months of not hearing anything I called in only to find out this fact and the new rep of course say " I was just getting ready to call...

Cleary Building Corporation / bad construction

Aug 02, 2018

My husband hired Cleary Building Corp. to build our 42x60 shop. The posts were not put very far down in ground like he was told at least 4ft and high wind blew it over only few weeks old. 32, 000 dollars involved - gone in a wind storm. The construction was not what they said they would...

Cleary Building Corporation / Cleary building corp.

Apr 04, 2017

Our Cleary 30x64 building project has been an absolute nightmare! The entire process has been horrible. Nothing has gone right & I don't have one positive thing to say about the company or it's people. Lots of issues. Poor customer service, poor communication, poor planning...

[Resolved] Cleary Building Corp. / My job has been pushed back and horrible customer service

Mar 07, 2017

My husband and I bought 2 buildings from you. We pd our down payments back in August of 2016 with the impression we would start that year. Our first building was a little late getting put up but it was done in a timely manner. The 2nd is not the case. We have spent $100, 000 with Cleary...

Cleary Building Corp. / Pole shed construction time and extra cost

Jan 06, 2017

My shed was to be built in oct. Not jan. Now 15 below and trying to drill holes in frost. They want more money, taking to long, sales rep is the most unrespectful p###k i have ever met, i need to talk to someone about my options, please call me ken 612-290-0490, my building only has half...

Cleary Building Corp. / Poor service, no coffee, long lines while workers outside smoking..

Jul 13, 2016

Dear Circle K, I often drive through Thornville Ohio for construction jobs in the area, and I stop by this particular Circle K quite often. The last several times I've stopped in, there's always long lines, and at the same time there's always 2-3 workers sitting outside...

Cleary Building Corp. / Install Date Keeps Getting Bumped Back

Jun 08, 2016

I am one of the unfortunate ones who signed a contract (August 13th of last year) with Cleary without researching them because I liked the salesman compared to the others. Since then, the salesman is gone and another from another state is trying to manage both areas. I gave them $12...

Cleary Building Corp. / Service

Nov 20, 2015

The end of July we ordered a 16 X 21 with a 8 foot lean-to barn. We told them we wanted it built the end of Sept. or OCT., since we still had to tear down our old barn and level the site. We have had two delays, nobody bothered to call us an let us know about the delays, we had to call...

Cleary Building Corp. / No timeline and nonexistent customer service

Aug 05, 2015

Do not use Cleary Building Corp for your building! They are a terrible builder! I will NEVER use them again. Cleary put the "sham" in shamrock. The following is a condensed list of problems I have had with Cleary: Cleary Took about 1 year to complete my project which could easily be...

Cleary Building Corp. / Poor communication, difficult to work with

Jun 15, 2015

I had a building built by Cleary Building Corp, based in Verona WI; I used their Lake Geneva Office. In short, the building was 6 weeks LATE to begin the build and they misjudged the soil and asked for 25% more for the difficult soil. I paid for some of that. The crew was wrapping up on a...

Cleary Building Corp. / Not what I paid for

Oct 29, 2014

Buyer Beware - Cleary made me wait over 6 months for poor quality I signed the contract on -May 12, 2014 with the promise the barn would be complete in 6 - 8 weeks The building was delivered 12 weeks later - now the long wait for the crew to show up. 16 weeks later not all the material wa...

Cleary Building Corp. / No Concern

Sep 15, 2014

Do not buy a Cleary Building unless you can wait 6 months and do not mind poor quality. I ordered my building May 12, 2014 and paid the down payment that day. With the promise from the salesman the building would be complete in 6 - 8 weeks. 18 weeks from ordering the building and paying for...

Cleary Building Corp. / Substandard building design & construction

Jan 12, 2012

Before buying a Cleary building do your homework. Our metal building was less than 90 days old when the wind blew off half the roof. Cleary immediately stated that they only insure the building up to 90 miles per hour and this windstorm was an act of God in excess of 90 miles and we needed...

Cleary Building Corp. / Horrible service, not finishing job, on and on


Don't even know where to start...Cleary buildings screwed me over every possible way. Had a contract to have garage built in 5 months (weather pending) almost 2 years later and I'm still dealing with their BS. They didn't obtain correct permits, estimate was way way way off...

Cleary Building Corp. / Buyers Beware of Cleary Buildings


I have purchased a cleary building for my farm about 1.5 years ago. It was a 42x56x12 machine storage building. My experince with cleary buildings is one to remember. During the building process the crew threw there trash everywhere. They put a hole in my west wall with there skidloader...