clairol born blonde maxisevere chemical burns on scalp


I bought the Clairol born blond maxi and it caused severe chemical burns all
Over my scalp and scabs!!! It hurts so badly I cant stand it. I cant let anything touch
It And may lose my hair when the scabs come off!!! Not to mention that my hair is orange, not blond! I want Clairol to fix this!!! No One should ever have to go through this! I'm scared and in pain! I was told to see a doctor but I don't have health insurance, so now what?
Amanda Hall


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      Aug 30, 2014

    You should go to the Clairol web site and do your complaining. That being said, it isn't really their fault that you turned out to be allergic to something in the product. I would be willing to bet somewhere on the package it says something about possible allergies.

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  • K
      Oct 24, 2014

    This happened to me 3 days ago. I followed all the directions to a t...I ended up with 2nd degree chemical burns to my scalp. This is not an allergic reaction. THIS IS A CHEMICAL BURN! When doctors at the ER tried to rinse the chemical residue out of my hair, it would react with the water causing fumes. It actually melted my hair to my scalp. This is their fault. I'm not sure how or why this happened but it did, and now I am left with blood blisters covering my entire scalp, my hair being cut by ER doctors in order to treat my burns, The bald spots and knowing the rest will fall out. I URGE ANYBODY THINKING ABOUT USING THIS PRODUCT TO RECONSIDER! PLEASE USE A DIF PRODUCT OR GO TO THE SALON.

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      Aug 24, 2015

    I am currently in pain with blisters and scabs on my head as well. Last night, I left this product in for 30 mins (the box reccomends 10-60) at the end, I rinsed and noticed it started burning to the point I was in tears. The water, the washing, the towel and the brush all hurt so bad! This morning I woke up and felt my scalp and it has all these blisters and scabs. I followed all directions and also am not allergic to this product as I had done a test on my arm the day prior ( it did not burn my arm) Idk what is going on and I'm sire it doesn't happen to everyone but if you're thinking of using this.product I'd think twice because this is miserable and painful and itchy!

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