Citi Trends Western HillsStore manager

Ch Aug 30, 2019

I am currently an employee of this citi trends I have been there 6 yrs and we just got a new store manager. Today 8/30/2019 she calls our district manager Antwan because she thought I had a issue with her. So he comes and have us both in the office to talk and wants to know what the problem is. I said I didn't have a problem and she says she doesn't like the way I look which is discrimination against me I can't help the way I look this is me. So she goes on to say I can either transfer or she will fire me. Which is ridiculous she walks out to call our VP Sonya and I was told to take the rest of the night off. They just went off of what she said and had me leave without even hearing me out this is very unfair and something needs to be done ASAP I would like to talk to Jim Dunn [protected]

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