Citi Trendsrude customer service

Cm Oct 09, 2019

I stop at Citi Trend in West Allis, Milwaukee, Wi and received rude for no reason service. The cashier was stocking clothes when I approached her to ask her about plus size in men. I asked if they only carried bigger/ plus size clothes for men, because all I'm finding is larger size and I was looking for a 32•32 in men. First she never spoke after I spoke to her and continued to stock and gave me no eye contact as if I wasn't talking to her. When she finally looked up at me she had a very rude/ mean look on her face. And I asked what was that look for and she said, because I said it wrong, " it's big men" to mind you on the other size for the women it did say plus size. Regardless if I said it wrong I didn't deserve the rudeness for no reason. She also checked me out. As I walked out the alarm went off, she forgot to take a sensor off and didn't even apologize nor look me in my face after finding out, she too made a mistake like I did by saying "plus size" for men, which is wrong. Please have a conversation with your employees and customer service. It's sadden me when you can't go into any store in our city w/o getting the already mad customer service people. I could've made a seen and treated her like she treated me when I made a mistake, but i'll Rather resolve it this way and hope this incident gets brought to her attention. It's her job and she has a purpose and I'm sure it doesn't include and a attitude. I checked out at 4:15 pm, 10/09/2019. Cashier number 1021425, C. Jelks, black female, hair in ponytail with long eye lashes. Trans # 908953. Store number 438.

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