Circuit City Daytona Beachmanager threatening my husband


There are 3 managers who use the name Nick and the girl who answers the phone won't let you talk to a manager. go ahead and try, she's a real ###. First they installed a keyless entry that didn't work when the fixed it the windshield wipers didn't work when they fixed that my dash light didn't work when they fixed that my air conditioner didn't work. Its been a week now and my air conditioner still don't work. I have traveled a total of 300 miles, my car get 19 miles to a gallon. I figure I have spent over $100 in gas just to have your installers break my car not to mention one of the nicks, Mr. Nick este who got 2 inches from my husbands face and in a threatening manner postured and told him to talk to randy if he had a problem. We have bought over 6K in products from circuit city and have still needed some installations we paid for so we went to your Jacksonville, FL 9317 Atlantic Boulevard and had our last $1000.00 in products installed without a problem or incident. We found the management there courteous and helpful especially Walcott and Chris in installation. The biggest problem we have had has been all the all the NICKS and TIFFANY at your Daytona beach store 2500 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach,

After our experience at your Daytona store I have sold my block of CC shares and have vowed to never buy anything from circuit city again. I cant believe you have a girl like Tiffany( I think her name is) answering your phone much less working for you, She is rude! to say the LEAST!!! We even had your corporate people call the store and she hung up on them too when they asked to speak to the manager. I think the crappy attitude starts from the top down there, with all we have been through not one person at that store has apologized and at this point it would in my opinion as if Hitler apologized to all he did wrong. The damage is done and I cant afford all the mistakes your company is forcing me to fix elsewhere. I know you don't give a ###, this is exactly why your company sucks and your stock has dropped 20 point in less than a year. YOUR MANAGERS AT DAYTONA BACH NEED TO BE SELLING BURGERS NOT HIGH TICKET ITEMS AND YOUR PHONE GIRL NEED'S TO GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL FIRST!! How do you propose I pay for the $1000 air conditioning bill I have from my dealer and pay for the $100 I've spent in gas. Or the time off work or what about your nick este manager telling me to drive home with no windshield wipers during a thunderstorm with my 2 babies? As you could imagine I will get resolution one way or another. I'm positive a judge would love to hear my story. I have contacted my local palm coast news paper and they want my story on the front page plus I have already spoke to my 300 congregation in my church and warned them about your crappy managers and phone girl, that's just the beginning of what I can imagine. You can send a cashiers check to Robyn Downing to 6 waystone place palm coast Florida 32164 for $1, 500.[protected] or [protected] for all my damages which you can easily verify. This letter will be sent to your board of directors, your HUMAN recourses people and who ever I can find till the end of time or I get resolution which ever come first. I have already detoured 5 of my friend who were going to go to your store to best buy and they vowed to tell 5 of there friends. Get my drift? you know as well as I, bad news travels fast. I am so sick and tired of your people at the Daytona beach store treating us like ###
Robyn and Robert Downing, family and friends

Please excuse my expletives im very pissed off


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    Scorbing Jan 24, 2009

    Now you know why they went out of business!

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  • B1
    B1G DADDY Feb 06, 2009

    They wen't out of business because of douchebag customers like the one above who don't get what they want. I was there that day and it did not go down like this ranting woman says it did. I also enjoy that fact the woman says the phone girl ( receptionist would be the propper term) should go back to high school when she herself can't even spell the word "beach". Enjoy shopping at best buy where the prices are twice as high and the employees know half as much!!!

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  • Bb
    bbls Feb 06, 2009

    I am not on the side of the store nor your personally, but I will say this... Try to use language that your congregation would approve of let alone your god next time. What kind of people speak in this manner? Are you being a true testament to what you hear each and every Sunday or are you either sleeping during service or just not listening?

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  • Ta
    Tampa Irish Feb 06, 2009

    By the time your "Case" gets to a Judge, the store will be a faint memory. For someone who is so constantly disappointed by this particular store, you certainly do continue to give them plenty of business.
    I don't think your 300 member congregation will appreciate your choice of language. I also don't think any intelligent person will take your comments seriously while they stagger through your absolute slaughter of the written language.
    BTW, it has been quite cold here in Florida the past few weeks. Why are you running your air conditioning?

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  • Ri
    Richard Feb 06, 2009

    I certainly can sympathize with this woman. The lack of real training by so called technicians that feel qualified enough to make electrical and computer related changes underneath the dash of high-tech cars without much intellectual aptitude to understand the ramifications of splicing the red wire to the yellow wire. Now it does not take a real bright bulb to deduce that the intent of her banter was to garner some relief from Circuit City. I doubt there was any stock selling (who would be ignorant enough to purchase a seat on a sinking ship?) or that much else of her arm twisting events really indeed occurred but the logic of her rant makes sense and is a likely scenario we all have to participate at sometime or another. Needless to say that the liklihood that she will recieve any satisfaction as a result of her rant is pretty low however, I for one would take pause on having this particular store perform any technical function on my vehicle. It is the one nugget I did get from this post. The techs did a crappy job and did not have the skill to provide any remedial action. She probably does have some legal cause of action if she retained any and all documents and receipts but the cost to litigate would be more (in time and money) than the initial loss. With regards to the receptionist; once one jumps onto the bandwagon of discontent there is no other option than to go along for the ride... she was trying to exhibit solidarity with her manager, she is obviously immature and not trained to deal with dissatisfaction. The truly sad thing is now everyone involved will have some memory of this for the rest of their lives. What a waste of space. What I really wanted to say in regards to this issue is "hey; how about them Steelers?"

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