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I come to this store Monday -Friday at 5:30 am everyday to get my morning coffee, snacks, and gas.. On 08/19/2019 at 5:50am got coffee but there was no sugar to go in the coffee so when I got to the register I ask the clerk where is the sugar he said they were out. So I said that maybe they could let customers know before they pour the coffee.. Than he said in a rude matter.. That I don't have to shop at that store and I can go somewhere else and shop.. that I had that option to not come there..

Aug 19, 2019
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  • Jo
      Aug 23, 2019


    While you are right that the employee went to far on saying you can go shop somewhere else, this sounds like a simple case of frustration and I'm sure there's a number of times that employee or another employee posted a sign that said no sugar and customers just don't pay attention to the sign. I lost count of how many times I heard that excuse especially with not being able to sell polar pop because of the CO2 being out and last Sunday was another time so I went ahead and put a bag on all of them because I knew people wasn't going to pay attention to the sign and make up excuses. It's not an attack on you personally but eventually when a cashier has to deal with the same stoupidity every day eventually they're going to crack. The job isn't hard what makes it hard is customers who makes it hard.

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