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The Employee that's works here at the circle k on 4025 Bosque, her name's Jessica she's a realllyy fat Mexican girl with alot of make up long black hair, she has verbally harassed me, my roommates and my parents, she is constantly cussing at me when I go in the store, she talks nasty and perverted to me and always trust flashing her breast in my face, she's very disrespectful to my mom and my dad when they go in there she talks crap out loud and ride to my parents in front of other customers, she is the most disrespectful employee I've ever met she sits in the bathroom for 45 mins while there's a line of people or two lines and leaves her co worker alone, this has been going on for several months and I've complained to the manager over and over and over and nothing's been done about it. So she continues to do it and it needs to be taken care of and she needs to be fired. She cusses at everyone, and she talked dirty and nasty to customers begging them to buy her stuff . I will stop shopping and spending my money with circle k if something isn't done about this employee. We are tired of being harassed. Thank you

Aug 16, 2019
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  • Jo
      Aug 23, 2019

    With you saying she's a really fat girl that sounds to me like you and your roommates said something to her and she said something back to you and you didn't like it and now your holding a vendetta against her. Believe me there's cameras in that store so the truth will come out.

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