Circle K Storesrj roylinda abney, kim hunt

A Jul 09, 2019

Roylinda abney (rj) is the rudest most foul mouth person i've ever heard that works for a comperation and gets away with it while on the clock shes been warned about a certain situation envolving someone in the community that is a loyal cutomer of circle k talking about her personal life involving this lady, and still sits up here talking about the situation she still claims she will not wait on this lady and her mother who also is and employee of circle k at the same store absolutly still will not wait on this lady, in which doubles the work on the rest of us !! i p
ersonally have had different people from the community ask why is they allowed to to work here when they do not want to do there jobs? and continue to bash ms.Tina to other employees and customers!!!there are some people and paying cutomers that are sick of it, im submitting this online because hoping something can be done about this, this family is known for violence and will retalite against anyone who speaks on this matter involving ms.Tina these to especially rj really makes our circle k look bad, she comes to work in slides, she just really gives our store a bad image.. I even let ms tina know when our big bosses mr david and ms lisa were going to be here last week she herself even spoke with them and nothing has been done about it!!
sincerly aggrevated

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