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A Oct 23, 2019 Review updated:

I slipped and fell at this location right outside the front doors after purchasing a soda. I am 37 weeks pregnant and saw no floor signs. When I fell the employee didn't even offer for me to get up he just simply walked passed me and went and grabbed a floor sign. A customer had to get out of his car to help me up because the employee didn't. He was a young employee with short hair. He grabbed the floor sign after I fell and put it on the front of the doors where it should have been before he started washing the deck. I didn't land on my belly but I did land hard on my knees and my wrist. I am so appalled that there was no floor sign to warn people and the employee didn't even bother to help.


  • Ev
    Everywhere Oct 23, 2019

    Would the sign have prevented you from falling? Probably not. I'm sorry you fell and I am glad you are OK. The employees are suppose to put the sign out inside the store but I've not heard of wet floor signs being put outside on the concrete.

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  • Ki
    Kibbles01 Dec 15, 2019

    Well, customer service reps are only required to lift up to 25lbs and push/pull up to 50lbs. Anything over 10lbs requires a back lifting belt. And if you hurt yourself while not using the back lifting belt you're s.o.l. if you get injured. Also, personally was never was trained at any retail nor warehouse job to put up a wet floor sign outside the shop on the cement? Never have seen such a thing outside of waterparks.

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  • Um is not an answer! Dec 15, 2019

    Right outside? Outside? Was it raining?

    Technically, and medically what the worker did was correct. You are not to move a fallen victim because you might further damage them. It's happened to me twice. Allow the person who fell to try to get up. If they cannot then secure the area and call an ambulance.

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