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A Sep 12, 2019 Review updated:

I come to this store probably 4 to 5 times A-day everyday to get ice used to you could have your cop and bring it in and get free refills on the ice while they have since changed that policy so where you have to pay 789 cents or whatever for each cup of ice to which I complied to You know I know it's against the policy so this morning I go in to get my eyes and their EB T machine is down for the Uno 10th time today which is fine I usually Pay cash for Ice and soda so I went to my car to count change well she would not accept my change have a security guard put me out when I know that you have to accept any form As payment then lie to the security guard saying that I refuse to count the change you guys have lost my business which I believe I don't know about $20 A-day on something is cheap to sell as ice my you know make a little bit of a difference


  • Ev
    Everywhere Sep 12, 2019

    They probably started charging for ice because people were coming in 4-5 times a day, getting it for free and basically abusing their generosity. Secondly, yes they can refuse to accept a ton of change. Third, who the heck goes to the gas station 4-5 times a day? You say you are on EBT yet you have $20 a day to buy ice and drinks?

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  • SubSquirrel Sep 12, 2019

    789 cents for ice in a cop. I think most people would pay more than $7.89 to watch you put ice up a cop’s butt.

    “This morning I go in to get my eyes and” would seem to indicate that you left your eyes there. I hope they aren’t keeping eyes in the store.

    Refusing change when not counted is fine since counting change takes time and people always say they counted wrong.

    You can afford to go to that store four to five times a day for ice and soda. Ice costs money and they aren’t in business to lose money. You waste at least ten dollars a day on soda when you could buy a six-pack for ninety-nine cents and bring your own soda along.

    EBT means my tax money pays for your ice and soda. If you drink at least four or five sodas a day, you must be diabetic or overweight or both.

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  • Ki
    Kibbles01 Dec 15, 2019

    She was most likely over charging you and pocketing the difference. Ice refill or just a new cup of ice is 35c plus tax. Many shops dont charge for it.

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  • Um is not an answer! Dec 15, 2019

    @Kibbles01 They have to now because ridiculously cheap people decide to create a party out of their free ice. Water isn't free. Clean water isn't free. Electricity isn't free. Ice isn't free.

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