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A Jan 10, 2020

My name is Ashley Burton, I am currently an employee of store #2279.

Today, I was notified from a customer who was told by De'Vasha Boyd (store assistant) that my position was terminated due to me not coming in for my shift. However, I notified the store about 4 hours before my shift that I would not be able to come in and I can provide my doctors note as well. I was never notified of this apparent termination, and I have multiple complaints to our new manager Krista Acree, about De'Vasha telling my medical business to customers and employees which is also on the store footage. Krista told me 3 times she would talk to her, but instead when I called to ask about the termination she forwarded me to voicemail 3 separate times, when Krista answered the 4th time, she answered very rudely saying "what." In which I replied asking if I was terminated because a customer just told me I was, in which she replied "well maybe it's time for you to find another job since you can come and get gas but didn't come talk to me." I let her know that she was notified about me not coming in by Jessica Barrett, an employee who answered the phone when I called and said Krista was busy at the moment and she would let her know. She then said I "HAVE" to come in even with my note, I answered saying I am not able to return until tomorrow, as it says on my doctors note and that I was confused as to why I was told by a customer and not management that I was terminated and my shift is already covered.
De'Vasha disclosed my medical information to 2 of our regular customers saying that I was apparently sick in a mocking voice and that she was tired of covering for me and that I needed to attend work. I have only called off 2 days, not consecutive, and both times I've had my doctors note, not to mention I am 7 months pregnant and have been very sick which was also told to the customers which is VERY personal and also is my medical information which is not to be disclosed to anyone, especially customers.

Krista Acree, our manager, has consistently picked arguments with me, even leaning across my counter and yelling across the store while customers were there to witness (also on footage from 01/09/2020), when I was making a complaint about my business being discussed amongst morning shift and customers, Krista had me on speaker phone in the office with De'Vasha in there as well, so when I came in to work that day De'Vasha started to make comments to me about it. Nothing was done. The same day the store was left a filthy mess, nothing was stocked, nothing was fresh on the roller grill, there was trash and black marks all over the store floor, the counters were caked in soda, creamer, condiments, and trash, every trash was overflowing on to the counters, and there was 11 bags of full trash and 3 boxes of trash left in the back, there was also no cleaning rags or sanitizing liquid to clean up. When I asked about the trash to De'Vasha she said that she couldn't get out of the store quick enough and that she was done for the day so to ask Krista to take it as she walked out. I then asked Krista in which she replied "No, that is your job" which, it is not. Every shift is supposed to stock, clean, and take the trash out, as well as have fresh food for the next shift, she then started to yell across the store saying it is my job and I will be taking their trash from morning shift or she will be writing me and the other employee Lashan Scott up for not doing it. I asked if morning shift would be getting written up for leaving and she started to laugh saying she will talk to them and continued to argue with me about it. She then leaned across my counter towards me saying she was going to write me up because she asked me to do it and I defied a supervisor, in which I replied that technically I asked her because it was from her shift and she yelled at me to do it. She then started laughing and threw her hand up and said she's going to the bank, walked out the store and then came back in and continued arguing with me.

When she came back she didn't say a word to me and was purposely avoiding me and Lashan Scott, I tried to notify her before she left about a customer who had drove off at pump 11 with the nozzle still connected but she ignored me and walked out the store and didn't return.

Even after hearing about my apparent termination and being told by Krista Acree that she thinks it's time I find another job, but never directly saying I was terminated, De'Vasha Boyd mentioned the situation to Lemonte Poe (night shift) right as he walked in the door, also on footage that I was terminated.

As I've mentioned, I have a doctors note and they were notified in a timely manner before my shift. I was also told by Lemonte Poe, who was told by De'Vasha, that Krista had wrote me up for not coming, which again, I have my note.
I was told by Krista that I am to speak to management when I come in, even though I was just getting gas on my way home from the doctor and as I mentioned was told I was supposed to come in anyways with my note.

I would have reached out to Holly Cooper, but I feel she would do nothig, especially considering how much she lets slide as it is.

I reached out to Shawn Mackelin, but have not received an answer yet.

Jeff Williams was our original manager when I began, and then I walked into work and was told by De'Vasha and our other morning employee Shawn, that Krista was our new manager, but that I was not to tell other employees.

We had no way to reach Krista for about a week until she printed new numbers, which are now removed, she also cancelled Jeff's last order so we went a week with a half empty store, when we received the shipment, there was really nothing that sells, so we're still out of a lot of things, which causes customers to be upset and go somewhere else to spend their money, it also makes the store and the employees look bad.

I have never dealt with such unprofessionalism and I've worked in customer service my whole life, as well as in management. I also feel that this is all revenge for making a complaint that was blasted on speaker phone instead of handled the correct way.

Considering I was actually wanting to be an assistant manager and even had almost all my E-Learning finished to be considered for the position, I find this highly wrong and feel it was only out of spite.

De'Vasha also goes out to her car before, during, and after her shift to smoke marijuana, which I have had multiple customers and employees tell me and others that they can smell it on her and that she looks high on her shift as well as I've witnessed myself De'Vasha speaking about it herself. Also very unprofessional.

I've also had customers complain about Shawn, from morning shift, smelling like alcohol, and speaking slurrish, I have personally smelt it but never witnessed her actually consuming alchol.

Krista Acree also wrote me up for doing E-Learning on my phone because the computer was down and I was never notified that I was not allowed to do E-Learning, according to Jeff Williams, my first manager he had me download the workday app and said I just had to let him know when o started and when I stopped so that he could add it. Krista never told me I was not allowed to do that especially when she asked me about the hours, she could have mentioned it, but instead she waited until 2 days after to put it on a write up AFTER I made a complaint, so to me that is revenge and she is trying to make it a point that she has a personal issue with me. She wrote me up for arguing with her about this trash when she was the one who raised her voice and leaned over the counter and kept coming back in the store to argue even after I said to stop, which I admit I was arguing but not until after she got loud and started to be disrespectful.
I'm not wrong, it is morning shifts duties, and as a manager knowing they didn't complete their tasks when she is part of morning shift she could have took the responsibility and did it herself or at least took a couple of the bags or boxes out instead of telling that it was my job. Again I am 7 months pregnant, so 12 bags and 3 full boxes plus our trash from the end of second shift is a lot for me. I've always had the store clean and stocked and have even had customers call just to tell them how great it looked.

The picture of the write up was sent to me from Lamonte Poe, because it was left on the desk for everyone to see.


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