Cinnabon at Pilot Station / crossville, tn 38555

Vo May 11, 2019

May 11, 2019 at 5:35 pm. Cinnabon at the Pilot Station in Crossville, TN has been running a promotional "Nurse's Week" special advertisement for nurses to either get a free mini Cinnabon or 4 bite size mini Cinnabons each day during May 6th thru 11th (with today being the last day). All we had to do is show our work badge. I'm a nurse and me and my nursing friends have been coming in every day this week receiving our free regular sized Cinnabon because this particular location doesn't make the larger MINI Cinnabons... so I ask for mine today and the server, Tiff (short for Tiffany) refuses to give me the regular size and will ONLY give the 4 mini bite size Cinnabons as if it's coming out of her very own pocket. She was VERY RUDE and non-accommodating. She said she could call her manager but it would be awhile... so I WAITED! She later tried to call her manager and said she got no answer. Now, mind you, it was 5:35pm this evening and they're closing at 6:00pm which is 25 minutes later and there's, at least, 12 regular Cinnabons left in the glass case to be gotten rid of in the next 25 minutes... but yet Tiff (Tiffany) refuses to give one to me even though they've given them out all week... how RUDE is that???? VERY RUDE!!!

Cinnabon at Pilot Station

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