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If you think they treat their members poorly then you should really hear how badly they treat their employees. For starters we have the worst benefit plan offered. I worked there for almost 4 yrs until I was terminated and spoke to over 100 people per day all of which had better benefits than I have ever been offered by the company. Being that they are the company insuring us you would think they would offer us a better plan than a $4000 deductible and a $10000 out-of-pocket to their employees. I was termed for instant messaging a fellow employee about a work me each and every one of that complain about cigna just be sure that even though the customer service reps don't agree with you on the phone they are silenting agreeing with you that this company is absolutely intolerable...and my manager that fired me does the same instant messaging about personal issues and movies yet of course he still has his job. I guess he can kiss butt a whole lot better than I would ever stoop to doing. Another fellow got fired because she called off work, she was pregnant and in the hospital for a week because she had kidney stones...another employee got fired when she returned from maternity leave because they screwed up the amount of time she was allowed, they granted her time off, realized their mistake and took the time back so now she was over her amount allowed off so because they made a mistake she paid the price. Another employee was fired and because she got upset that she was being fired the company decided to send the cops to her house claiming she was going to take her own life in which she was taken to the looney hospital, nice of them isn't it. So to all the people that think CIGNA doesn't care, you're right!! The only thing on that company's mind is making money for the president and its stockholders because believe me the employees don't reap any benefits.


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    openedeyes Aug 29, 2014

    Curious, are you diabetic, or do you have some other expensive chronic health condition such as major depression or bipolar disease? Though they proclaim a business of caring, truly it is profit over people. They use the fact that the normal everyday person does not know the law and/or cannot afford an attorney and the fact that the eeoc process is very difficult. It makes the laws we have in place pretty ineffectual and allows corporations like Cigna to pretty much do whatever they want. I know that if I sold a service but then did everything I could to not provided that service, I would probably be in jail, but then, I don't have deep pockets. More to come.

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    truejustice Nov 05, 2013

    Cigna, Robert will have to see a doctor soon because of his on going medical problems Robert has been living with because of that

    surgery he had while he was under your health care program so long ago that Robert never could have a fair and proper closure of.

    And before Robert shows the new MRI's and Cat-Scans to everyone with alot to be said about it, Robert is going to give you the choice

    to do the right thing that should have been done all those years ago, and if you choose to do the right thing then Robert will say nothing

    and agree not pursue it any further. If you choose not to give Robert the fair and proper closure he has been asking for . then Robert

    is free to speak out against everyone that did him wrong.

    So what are we going to do about Insurance companies. Doctors

    and Hospital that lie and cover up botch surgeries and deny

    proper medical review for those patients, I'm sure their are

    those in the medical system that know what I'm talking about.

    Like this one, (((( Robert W Robinson vs Cigna Health Care, Dr Gary Gartsman of the Fondren Orthopedic Group, The

    Texas Medical Board, Dr Angela McCain, Aetna Health Care,

    The Texas Insurance Board. ))) Now these people can still

    deny this all they want, just like they always have been

    denying it. But this one thing they can never do, is to prove

    Robert wrong by challenging Robert in public over his

    complaints. What is worse than cancer? Doctors and Hospitals

    and Insurance companies that will lie and cover up medical

    mistakes. How sad it is to know that this sick way of

    thinking still goes on with are so called elite in our health

    care system, the very one's that advertise how great and

    caring they are. It was Cigna that sent Robert to the Fondren

    Orthopedic Group in Houston Texas and it was you Cigna that

    allowed those doctors to dump Robert like trash and deny the

    proper medical care Robert needed after a very heinous

    botched surgery done to Robert by the hands of Dr Gary

    Gartsman, which this doctor to this very day along with

    certain agencies in Texas denies Robert the fair medical

    review of that surgery that left Robert with medical damage

    to his brachial plexus trunk, medical damage to his rotator

    cuff, a torn thoracic nerve that produced a winging shoulder

    blade that caused a patch of scleroderma to spend out that is

    effecting Robert's muscles and spine and not to forget the

    totally out of place shoulder and a abnormal cut to Robert's

    clavicle and the medical problems effecting Robert's neck

    because of the massive blow that was done to Robert's upper

    right extremity in surgery. All this because Robert was

    treated like a number and never was given a proper medical

    review of Robert's medical problems before the surgery that

    gave Dr Gary Gartsman no idea of what he was doing in surgery

    that caused the botched surgery that damaged Robert's body.

    After being dumped after surgery with no proper care Robert

    was left to deal with the pain and medical problems on his

    own and if that wasn't bad enough insult upon insult was

    given to Robert by the mouth of a Cigna Rep., Loresa Long

    that told Robert that Cigna and everyone involved will deny

    everything and Cigna and everyone involved did deny it and

    allowed it to be covered up along with certain agencies in

    Texas all these years and they would always ignore Robert's

    request for a fair medical review of the surgery and the

    medical damage that surgery caused. And Aetna was no better,

    Aetna Health Care allowed MRI films to be taken of Robert's

    extremities through a orthopedic doctor, Dr Henry Blum that

    Robert was denied the medical review of those films and Aetna

    would not help Robert get those MRI films for a review. And

    how in the world did the President of the Texas Medical Board

    come up with the only diagnose of Robert's problem being a

    sprain neck in a report that he gave Robert even after Robert

    paid to have Cat-Scan before that visit that show a lot more

    medical problems that was effecting Robert. And to this day

    nobody will address the shot Dr Angela McCain put into

    Robert's upper back in-order to try and hide the spreading of

    the scleroderma that was torn open in the botched surgery.

    This sick game that doctors and Insurance companies allow

    against patients with these type of problems really needs to

    come to a stop. Robert's medical review is way over due but

    still needs to take place, proper closure over medical

    disputes should always be the norm and nobody should ever

    give up the fight to see that it takes place no matter how

    long it's been, especially when damages accrue to a patient

    in a surgery. Problems do happen to some people in a surgery,

    some even fatal, but to take away a fair medical review and

    lie and cover up those medical mistake over botch surgeries

    is unacceptable and should be confronted at all levels. Dr

    Gary Gartsman of the Fondren Orthopedic Group people say that

    you are a supper doctor and other doctors follow you around,

    so here is a question for you supper doctor Gary Gartsman and

    the Texas Medical Board, in your medical opinions don't you

    think it's been long over due to see that a fair and proper

    closure takes place for Robert or are you really that cruel

    like you have been towards Robert all these years by denying

    Robert the closure he has been asking for or is that just how

    doctors normally act towards the ones they botch up in

    surgeries, please supper Dr Gary Gartsman you have no right

    to get mad at what I'm saying so get over it, because you

    were not the one that suffered with it all these years and

    you was not the one that was humiliated by being denied

    proper treatment and closure of this problem all these years

    and above all you are not the one that has to live with your

    mistakes that Robert has to live with. And this is for Cigna

    and Aetna Health Care why do you allow this sick ungodly

    thinking to go on in your health care system towards patients

    that go through botch surgeries and you Attorney's that

    defend this type of ungodly behavior of doctors and Insurance

    companies toward patients of botched surgeries just shows how

    really sick minded people you are and the type of Attorney's

    we should not allow in our legal system. What good is the

    Insurance Board or Medical Board if they can't police the

    health care system and put a end to this wicked evil behavior

    towards the innocent patients of botch surgeries. True

    healing can never happen until proper closure takes place

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    Good Guys Nov 26, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have experienced seeing people mistreated by management at Cigna. I am sure that people on the outside can say: Oh well it is just a disgruntled employee. If survey were taken that you could feel was anonymous, they would more than likely get an ear full. Management can pick on certain employees when they want and they know that there is no way for the employee to get their side heard. HR will always take the side of the managers. Even though they have an ethics hot line and a feature called speak up, I have tried both for a situation that I have and got nothing. I was asked to get information on fellow workers, I would not want to get other employees in trouble. If they really want to check on Internet and instant message use, everything is on computers and is always available. They do tend to pick on people that have a lot of time in with the company and if they are older. They are never satisfied with performance. If you do above what you are expected to do in your job, they say just think how much more you could do if you devoted all your attention to work. Most other companies are looking at their employees and relaxing their treatment, but Cigna is just tightening their reigns on their employees.

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  • Se
    Serenity00 Oct 05, 2011

    CIGNA Healthcare in Bloomfield CT recently fired an employee that worked diligently for 30 years the day after they congratulated them. I know this employee and they were hardworking and even did conference calls and paper work after hours with no overtime. They were preparing to retire and announced this to their boss. The next day they went to the cafeteria for breakfast and when they got upstairs they realized that they forgot to pay for a yogurt and a banana. The employee was heading down to the cafeteria when security stopped them. They said they are going down to pay and they told her not to bother. Then they announced she was officially fired. After 30 years of service they fired this poor woman without allowing her to defend herself and refused to give her the much deserved retirement plan and also canceled her insurance. Oh and did I mention this woman is 55 and was just diagnosed with cancer. People just deserve better.

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  • Lu
    Luz5678 Jul 03, 2010

    Histories like Brian is a lot at my work, if someone want it I have information I can put in a newspaper about some abuse of supervisors at work, lets get CIGNA know that employees are important at work and need to be treated with respect. And if they dont know how to do it, they are the ones who need to take some ethic classes and learn how a employee can produce more at work when the environment is the best place to work.

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  • Lu
    Luz5678 Jul 03, 2010

    I believe CIGNA only cares about money and use employees only when they needed. High people at CIGNA is the one who is making money for all employees, they dont even care about patients, they only see ths money sign in every person and the most they can see the better for them. but is a mistake comes for all this overwork to employees they they have a reason to fire the employee. I believe someone who takes care of human resources should invesstigate managers, and supervisors about CIGNA problems because inside company HR is with company. This problem is everywhere at CIGNA employees, they have policies, ethics but this type of rules are in benefit only for them.

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  • La
    Larry May 15, 2009

    Lets take them the Europeans courts and fine the day lights out of them.
    USA is no match for the EU courts because they don't take back hander's.

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