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This is our neighborhood Cicis. It is also one of the local tourist locations. This location was, at one time, one of the best area Cicis. However, they have gradually declined. After recent visits, I don't think we will be returning until the owner makes some major overhauls on the attitudes, friendliness, and service of their employees.

There is not longer the smiles and greetings and goodbyes there once were. Staff, including the manager, are inept and under-trained to the point of incompetence. The manager, herself, does not know how to handle electronic gift cards. She just glances at them, hands them back, and says they don't take them.

A previous employee (either a supervisor or manager), when handing him an electronic gift card, read the instructions, inputted the gift card number into the register as directed and it processed through with no problems. The current manager can't be bothered nor bothers to read the instructions on how to enter them (they are also barcoded for scanning).

The dining area is neglected whereas we have seen tables left sitting with plates and garbage on them for the whole time we are there which is quite awhile.

On our last visit, the salad bar had empty pans and dressings; and pizzas were not put out in a timely manner with some being clearly over-cooked (dark brown). There is no more pasta salad or personal pan pizzas available on the buffet.

I had informed the manager that I would be contacting Cicis about these issues. So, I'm sure she has come up with a story to cover her butt. However, this woman is in no way qualified for her position. She lacks experience in supervising a staff and making sure they are doing their jobs promptly, efficiently, and accurately (we had gotten sausage instead of beef on our personal pan pizzas on three occasions). Her refusal in accepting electronic gift cards simply because she does not know how to process them is unacceptable (I use them everywhere else I go without any problems or issues).

The owner really needs to oversee his restaurants more properly and take care on who he hires to oversee them in his absence and to make sure they are qualified and properly trained.

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    No, it's fast food and poor service by incompetent people including a manager who can't do something as simple as following directions on a gift card and inputting the number into the register. The problem here is poor work ethics, poor training, and poor customer service; and if it were to be believed that you are "The Manager", then you should be ashamed of yourself with that rude, poor attitude.


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    TheManager May 29, 2019

    Calm down, spaz. It’s a pizza joint.

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    FLDarkside May 29, 2019

    @TheManager Obviously, you are not any manager. Clearly, you are a troll who goes around commenting on other people's complaints without any actual contributions to this site. Get a life; it's pathetic!

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    TheManager May 30, 2019

    @FLDarkside Lmao. Stfu. Still bitching about a crappy pizza restaurant.

    And contributions to the site? It’s a site where people go to get trolled. Businesses don’t actually look here for anything . They couldn’t care less what anyone says here.

    Bye, Karen. I hope your crusade to make this the best Cicis ever is fruitful.

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