CiCi's Pizzaboth service and product

K Sep 30, 2019

First ther is a child behind the counter dont have a problem with children at work there are tables for them to sit at they don't belong behind the counter where there are hot surfaces. Then I see her child eating with her fingers out of the salad bar and then u see the mom do the same glad I don't eat salads but my grandchild does but not tonight. I got her the pasta with alfredo sauce ice cold not even warm. Food was hard and dried out like it was old. Very disappointed. Will not come back or recommend this cicis to anyone. When did your standard change so horribly. I just wanted my money back and walk out but my granddaughter wanted to play. She is
Only 4 she didn't eat but she played she is to young to understand the horrible food and service. But she did say the food wasnt good and that it was hard. Sad when a 4 year old says that.

CiCi's Pizza

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