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Here's my story. On a Saturday, I tried using my ATM card to pay for some groceries. The card was rejected. I thought that, somehow, the card had been duplicated and that the bank cut off access for my own protection. I went home and immediately accessed the online banking ' my accounts were emptied. I was victimized. In the following minutes, I phoned the Customer Care Service and explained the situation to a bank employee. While asking if the bank had any reason to believe that my card had been duplicated and unlawfully used, he replied that no suspicious or unlawful activity was noted on any of the accounts.

I was told to go to my local branch, change my four digits PIN and double-check the activity in my accounts to see if anything was amiss. I replied that I was looking at my online statements and everything was gone. The bank's security technology determined that those activities were not unusual and no further action was taken. Furthermore, several other transactions were allowed, bringing the account to a minus balance. No red flag there either nor a 'courtesy call' advising that an unauthorized transaction had been made.

I was put on hold and had to wait until a supervisor was available. Finally I got in touch with the supervisor. I explained my situation once again and the supervisor assured me that a formal claim will be made and a CIBC Fraud division representative will be contacting me in 2 to 4 business days. She also made a note that all pre-authorized payments, cheques, etc will not bounce back and payment will be honored. Needless to say, no CIBC representative had contacted me. Furthermore all pre-authorized payments bounced back and, of course, payment penalties followed.

On the following week I went to a local branch and opened new accounts, advised payees about my new banking info, changed cards, etc. Opening new accounts took us almost 2 hours. Frustration could be probably read from my face as the customer service representative asked me if I could evaluate her service. Another note in the file was made ' 5 days after my initial call, the investigation hadn't even started. In other words, no action was taken. I'll have to wait for the magic call from the Fraud investigation unit. The only good think about going into the branch was to have the branch following up on my complaint. It was then when I found out that the investigation unit wasn't even notified about potential fraudulent activity on my account and it was then when the branch first put the claim into the system on my behalf.

Next day, the Customer Service Care Centre politely advised me that I'm looking at possibly another 5 business days until somebody from the now well known Fraud Unit will contact me. That will make the initial response time of 2 ' 4 business days to be somewhere between 8 to 10 business days. Is this acceptable? According to CIBC's protocols and procedures, yes, it is. And the saga continues. My intention is not to make a blog or keep a journal. I strive to present facts the way they were. But I know for a fact that, while waiting for the Fraud unit to knock on my door, payments need to be made out of my account and late or non-payment fees will follow.

In these troubled times, the mattress is probably the best place for someone's money. And when it comes to customer service, believe me, you haven't got any.

Great thanks to all the competent folks at CIBC.


  • Co
    ConsumerABC Dec 27, 2008

    CIBC are terrible at resolving complaints. They are only good at diverting you away from the complaint process.
    We recently had a large sum of money withdrawn from our bank account just because a banker at the branch HANDWROTE a piece of paper saying "Transfer $XXXXX from Account A to Account B". When asked, the branched manager refused to admit that they would do anything like that, we are making the story up. One month later, the branch manager says that the banker who was responsible for writing the note no longer works there, but with no apologies or any intent of reimbursing the money. About one year later, she (the bank manager) claims that when it is very busy, it is an option for bankers to hand write notes for money transfer purposes. This was all done without the client (bank account holder) knowing. It is rediculous. If this is the case, why do we need to buy cheques with security features, why do we need to hide our pin number? Why do we need to sign for our credit card? GRRRRRR

    When taken to the ombudsperson, she keeps forwarding my email to the bank manager who then disregards it. From this day, I have not received a single response email from her. She claims to have called multiple times...but not according to my caller ID or answering device. Terrible terrible lady she is.

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  • An
    Annebelle Dec 30, 2008

    CIBC branch at Georgia and Burrard in Vancouver refused a 3rd party cash payment. I tried to deposit 1100 dollars in someone else's account, providing the correct account #, branch # and name printed on a business card. I have had no problem making the same deposit with the same information in the past. The teller checked the number, asked me the name, and then claimed there was a number missing from the account number. I accepted this, thinking perhaps I had left out a number when copying it to the card. Having now checked with the source of the number I know all was correct.

    If the bank has a policy against accepting 3rd party cash payments under some circumstance they should openly tell customers when this policy is being applied. Choosing to lie to the customer instead is unacceptable. I had had to leave work early in order to get to a branch before the genteel 4 PM closing time so I am especially annoyed at the wanton wasting of my time.

    I won't be a customer of CIBC in the future. How do they stay in business with such awful service? Have they been getting bailouts with our tax dollars all along?

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  • Ch
    Chantelle jacques May 16, 2009

    I will in very near future put some nasty remarks on here as I have problems with them right now..They are disorganized, staff not know the banking polices, nor the hours no one there will accept responsibility! Hell call the police on them!! I can say that this is the WORST BANK I have ever dealt with for incompetency, lies too, not a good place to trust with our money My account will be shut shortly there..I have never seen anything like this reject of a bank..

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  • Jo
    John de Sa Nov 16, 2009

    I have a term deposit for a long time with cibc, and applied for a loan less than the deposit, wich they use it for security. It has been more tha a month and half waiting for them to decide putting the money in my account, and it has been approved for more than a month, with my deposit as security. The ideia was to purchase some machinery for my shop. And have to ask a friend for to lend me some money because the person couldn't wait cibc to decide when to give me the money!!! cibc financial advisor told me it was going to be done in as week, !!! is almost two months...
    Now, this is for the cibc manegment, you guys are a bunch of ignorants, when you say you look for any concerns or matters with your customers, it's a joke, right ????
    I't's silly the way you dealing with small business company's. and I'm telling you, I'm going to remove all my accounts from cibc, deposits etc.. and I'll never deal with this stupid bank anymore, unless you make a big changes in the way you deal with clients.
    Money is not the matter, but respect and consideration for all the clients you have, I belive you should do a better job.

    John de Sa
    Toronto, account at cibc Stockyards, St.Clair.

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  • Wo
    Woodlums Jan 26, 2010

    Same exact thing happened to me. Your story is almost identical to mine, as far as the timing is concerned. To further add insult, they came back to me telling me they can't find any evidence of fraudulent transactions and that I had to escalate this to the "customer service" department. I'm still waiting for them to look but I'm sure they'll come up with some excuse to tell me that they can't pay me the 1600$ I lost. This is probably the worst bank that I've ever had to deal with.

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  • Fu
    futuro Dec 23, 2010

    I agree with the comments here.. I do not have a CIBC account (thank goodness) but my dad does and since he is in the hospital he gave me his POA but the bank refused to accept it and I refuse to spend 500$ to get one done from a lawyer just to get his little seal on the papers. The ppl at the bank are just useless and the customers service just sucks.. I would never deal with this bank for my own business!!

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  • Be
    Bettyta Jan 25, 2011


    Thank you for your letter of complains.
    English is not my strong subject. Can I copy it?
    somebody got into mi CIBC account change my address phone number and ask for checks; took my life savings more than 4 months ago the person WHO said was in charge of the investigation, does not answer my phone calls since 3 weeks ago, neither to my children (they have a power attorney) for more than 4 months . I am very worry, I can not go anywhere because I do not drive much in winter time and I have a heart condition.
    Maybe you can tell me to find a lawyer who take care of this cases and charge the bank for expenses.
    The amount they took it is 198, 000 USD.
    Please help me with ideas.


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  • Fd
    fdafsdakfk Apr 26, 2011

    Here are some definitions of customer service in use today:

    "Customer service is the ability to provide a service or product in the way that it has been promised"

    "Customer service is about treating others as you would like to be treated yourself"

    "Customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers' wants and needs"

    "Customer Service is a phrase that is used to describe the process of taking care of our customers in a positive manner"

    "Customer Service is any contact between a customer and a company, that causes a negative or positive perception by a customer"

    "Customer service is a process for providing competitive advantage and adding benefits in order to maximize the total value to the customer"

    "Customer Service is the commitment to providing value added services to external and internal customers, including attitude knowledge, technical support and quality of service in a timely manner"

    "Customer service is a proactive attitude that can be summed up as: I care and I can do."

    CIBC Branch In Owen Sound Ontario are by far the most unprofessional, ignorant Branch I have had to deal with. There customer service is very poor. My complaints are too numeriouse to post here. LIES LIES LIES

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  • Le
    Leahlabbu Jun 09, 2014

    My husband has a cibc visa, he can't understand well English language, while he talking to the customer service he put on the loudspeaker so that I can heared, and he say to the customer service talk with me him wife, , because he can't understand, the customer service says she can't talk with me because I'm not the one who has an account, jeeezzzz, so I talk how come I'm always talk with the customer service and they explain to me so that I can translate to my husvpband and she says ok she will put on record and ask my husband if he allowed her to talk to me, and my husband say yes, and I talk with her just the CIBC do that to me and she turn off the phone, very very very poor customer service I'm happy I don't have any account at CIBC, and she didn't help our issue why we called .

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  • Po
    [email protected] Feb 01, 2016

    I recently requested a bank letter for my two accounts and was told that I would get two separate letters and be charged two separate fees for the letters. The bank called me about three days later to pick up m request and of course there was only one letter for one account. Since the teller that I initially spoke to was not there I spoke to the Manager who suggested that the error was the teller's and assured me that she would expedite a request for the second letter. Now, seven business days after my initial request I am still waiting. Added to that is the condescending (bordering on rude) approach of Mandy Singh - the Manager that I spoke to and once again, CIBC never fails to disappoint.

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  • Te
    Terra DENG Aug 10, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cibc offers me the WOREST banking experience!

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  • Dr
    dramatstky Sep 06, 2017

    CIBC global transfer services have been dysfunctional for over a month now. I stopped using it forever now- no more; I advise viewers to do what I'm doing; use another company for wire transfers. You would think with obscene profits of billions of dollars these banks would provide flawless services. CIBC execs are disgusting if they have broken down systems FOR OVER A MONTH!!!

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  • Ma
    Maddix Jul 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The branch of CIBC on Laird Drive in Toronto has recently changed management. It appears there no longer is an assistant manager and experienced staff on teller service with the exception of one is non existent. There are tellers who appear to be trainees training new staff. Unfortunately, these 2 tellers are sooo slow they take forever to process straight forward deposit transactions. Two other branches of CIBC have closed in the past year and their clients are being referred to this branch. After 5:00 there is only 1 teller who is extraordinarily slow so that queues develop very quickly. I have dealt with this location for 30 years and it is progressively getting terrible. There are all the major banks in this area and if it were not so complex I would move my operating accounts. I used to feel all banks were the same and the major reason I stayed with this branch was the personnel. I am hard pressed to feel that is relevant any longer. They used to answer their phones by extolling their service and emphasizing that if the experience at the bank falls below excellent they have failed to reached their goals. How the mighty aspirations of this branch have fallen.

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  • Fu
    fucibc Jul 11, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a CIBC account for a number of years and when my parents decided to move to warmer climates I added them to my account as a joint account with all 3 of us on there.
    They then moved out of the country with the house for sale and gave me the POA to take care of things on their behalf. a few months later the house sold and I deposited the cheque from the sale in to the joint account that we have.
    At their request I made some purchases and transferred the funds from the sale to their accounts in the US and in Asia where they were staying. Made out a money order to give to my relatives as requested but CIBC one day decided that they knew what my parents wanted more then they did and put a hold on everything.
    As I said this was originally MY account and my parents were added AFTER as JOINT account holders.
    They put a hold on EVERYTHING without even a letter or a phone call as to what was going on.
    I only found out that the account was on HOLD by trying to use my card and getting declined.
    I called the bank to ask what was going on and they told me that after the "large" amount was deposited into the account under my parents name that they needed to verify that these transactions were approved by my parents or not and that until they did the account would be on hold.
    Like I said this was originally MY account until my parents were added as JOINT account holders.
    and the amount that was deposited into the account wasnt even 20% of what I had in there to begin with.
    I told them that my parents were traveling after retiring and was in the Caribbean on a cruise and as this was my main account I needed to be able to access the funds to pay bills and buy groceries and put in gas to go to work.
    but no until they spoke to my parents even though it was a joint account and originally MY account to begin with that they would not be able to do anything. I offered to call them or do a video conference call with them so that the stupid people at the bank can verify the transactions but they said no. they had to come in to the branch in person.
    I told my parents this and they cut their travels short to resolve this stupid mess.
    My question is, since when did banks decide it was ok to go through their clients accounts and look over their purchases or transactions and decide that they were looking after the "clients best interest?" since when is it ok to invade someones privacy like that and question and decide which purchases and transactions are ok and which aren't?
    when my parents came in they went over every single purchase and transaction on there at which point my parents yelled at them and said what business is it to you where and what the transactions are? who are you to question us on how we spend OUR OWN MONEY?
    If we want to take every single penny we own and spend it on a what ever we want what business is it to CIBC?
    they ended up "apologizing" for the inconvenience they caused but what about the trip they had to cancel? the flight they had to book and take for having to come back? all the extra expenses that were spent having to deal with something that really was none of cibc's business? now we're out thousands of dollers for no real reason other than CIBC being stupid.

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  • Ba
    Barney121 Oct 31, 2018

    This is the worst credit card company a complete scam ripp off

    They give you a credit line but when you use the card close to limit and even pay it off they automatically reduce your limit which automatically reduces your credit score



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  • Su
    Sushma Nair Nov 11, 2019

    CIBC has the worst customer service ever .They do not know how to handle their customers and never able to resolve customer concerns or problems .Today Michelle form CIBC online customer service has gone to the extend of accusing me, Mother of a CIBC credit card holder to the extend of saying that his other has impersonated him for discussing his credit card .This is purely a false statement and made without making an effort to investigate the real problem or even finding who the person is who tried to impersonate his mother .No CSR is allowed to criticize of accuse a customer of over 20 years with CIBC for impersonation without thinking twice .I will be posting this on several websites since no CSR should be trained to make such false accusations about a parent without going to the core of the problem. This is totally unacceptable and inefficient work ethics within CIBC

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