I received this product in August. Because it didn't work, I complained and was asked to return it, which I did.
Las week I received the same product once more, and with no improvement. It is still impossible to use!
Both this time and the first time, I had to pay WAT and tax to the customs. Each time approx. NOK 330.00.
Now I don't dare to return it again, because nothing was done to it, and I don't want to pay to the customes once more.
I can return it on one condition: that you refund me my expences (2xNOK330.00) and the price which I paid for this unusable item.
If you want to have a satisfied customer, you ought to return the above mentioned expences paid by me. Then it will be a pleasure to buy more products from you and also recommende your company to all my friends on Facebook.
That will not be possible to do if you aren't willing to solve this complaint from me and pay me back my total expences in cash.
I'm looking forward to hear from you with a positive reply.
Thank you!
The first time I sent you several pictures of the mentioned item, so I trust it will not be necessary to do it once more.

Jan-Kristian Viumdal
Buervn. 9
3711 Skien

Sep 29, 2019

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