Chryslerservice manager: dan vanier

Va Oct 10, 2019

Friday October 4 2019 at 3:00PM. I went to service my vehicle. I ended up pay $160.00 for an oil change on my Jeep Cherokee.
After my transaction was completed. I found out that there was a promotion of
$90.00 Winter package service. Oil change, tire rotation etc. Basically a package the service team should be identifying. Dan Vanier called me and was rude. Stated they don't need to advise me of promotional offers. He made me feel uncomfortable with the services. What makes my situation different than any others? Why can't I be given knowledge of packages you may have available? Why are these service reps and managers so unwelcoming. I am a customer and an owner of a Chrysler vehicle. Why can't they communicate correctly and offer packages that can help maintain a Chrysler vehicle? After I asked quest regarding the promotion to the service Rep she said it was a "human error" and that "I should have been told" moreover she also stated " the transaction was completed and there's nothing she can do at the point ". Realistically a winter package would have been ideal. But the oil change was already to costly for me. Manager Dan vanier than called me back today October 10 2019. Stating we don't need to offer anything. But it's Chryslers promotion?

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