Chipotle Mexican Grillthe service was horrible

Ly Oct 11, 2019

I visted the Cedar Road Chipotle on 10/10/2019 during lunch. I was so surpised because it wasn't busy. I walked right up and started ordering my daughter's lunch so I could drop it off to her school. Everything was fine until I asked for a side of lettuce and told I would have to pay .99cent for lettuce. When I was just in this Chipotle 2 days earlier and was able to get a side of lettuce at no charge. There were no kid bag of chips made. I had to wait while the cashier had to make one but first he had to locate the kid bags. I waited over 10 mins. Then the cashier returns with a negative attitude says here's your chips. Like its my fault he couldn't find the bags. Takes my credit card for payment and hands it back like pushing it in my hand. Get to my daughter school and there is only 3 chips in the bag. I am very disappointed with Chipotle on Cedar Road in South Euclid. I wish you could hire people with positive attitudes and appreciate there customers. Not sure if I'll be stopping in this Chipotle any time soon.

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