Chipotle Mexican Grillcustomer service on sunday sept 29th

The was a long line out the door, people waiting to order, there was a young man working so dam hard to keep up making orders, and the young lady doing the extras on the orders and one cashier. There were 2 black ladies behind the line staff, doing some cooking otherwise just standing there complaining how tied she was!! OMG this poor nice young man was working as hard as he could and couldn't keep up, he turned to them asked for HELP and the one large Black Girl said nope not helping. She stood there with her body lying on the pass through and won't come out to help the staff or to serve the customers. I'm totally disappointed her behavior and the unprofessionalism of her actions. I told them young guy I was going to file a complaint You need to get rid of that lady!!! So disappointing and everyone in line felt that same way. Really this how you let some your hard working team members get treated and bullied by such a horrible lady?????????? That young guy was so professional the best he could be under the pressure he was under-He needs a high five or something- but seriously that behavior of that lady was ridiculous. I tried to call and talk to you, but never can get a hold of manager-CUSTOMER SERVICE is a must, I need a phone call from someone to discuss
[protected] Kim Hollingsworth

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