Chipotle Mexican Grillservice

B Jan 07, 2020

Today I went to the Chipotle in Kensington and order a burrito bowl. After I received my food I went to bathroom and typed in the code to enter. In the bathroom I went to wash my hands and there no soup in dispenser. I Left bathroom and approached a African american male sitting at table with something on his head in back. When I mention that no soup he started raising voice said if I did not like it to leave and called me "white piece [censored]" I then went to register and female gave me a return on my food to my debit card. I asked refund because the African American male was calling me racial terms and threatening me. I was shaken because all I wanted was soup to was my hands. When I left I asked the African american male his name and refused tell me and when I walked out door he followed me as if he threatens me harm. When I walked to my car he finally stopped coming toward me. I go to Chipotle all the time to eat.

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