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unauthorized debit card charge

Hi, I was charged $99.00 to my debit card on 11/15/19 from I recall recently visiting this site for a few minutes but I did not purchase anything including a membership. I do see on ITunes that a paid subscription to this App is $1.99; which, I did not purchase. The last four digits of the card that charged me $99.00 is 4786. I need this to please be reversed immediately. My e-mail is [protected] and phone number is [protected]. When I went to your website to try to log in so I could look for your phone number and I clicked "forgot password", I was asked for my e-mail and when I entered it the e-mail was not recognized; this further confirms that I did not register for a subscription and was charged in error. I am not sure how this happened or how obtained my debit card information. Please correct this and contact me if you need anything from me in order to do this immediately. Thank you. Jeff Smith [protected].

unauthorized debit card charge

chess game server breakdown

Hello, while I was playing a game of chess, the time started flickering and the game crashed on me. Then it said I lost on time even though I was most certainly winning befeore that. I want my ELO points back!!! This happened to me the other day as well and it is really annoying. I thought this was the WIFI but my WIFI is perfect. I would really like it if you gave me something for my troubles as this game I lost was very difficult and I was eventually winning until the game crashed. computer comments

your play chess program- (3 min game)s refuses to say anything positive about my playing

it always compliments my opponent even when i win with a huge margin

the best i get is a snidey " chaotic game where both players had many chances to win"

if morphy plaiyed on this site he would get- 3 mistakes 2 blunders - your opponent played well - try snooker!

r muirhead 21.08 16th october 2019

  • Updated by ronnie muirhead · Oct 17, 2019

    after each game the comments your computer makes to me do not reflect the game that has just ended.
    for instance i have just won by timeout having a considerable superiority in pieces and my opponent in a very difficult situation.

    yr computer comment-
    " a chaotic game with both players having many chances to win"

    completely untrue 17th oct 2019 approx 22.30hrs

    if you computer cannot follow the game properly, you should discontinue its inaccurate comments! ronnie muirhead please respond this time!

online chess

No matter what I do, I can not seem to motivate to DO SOMETHING about the SATURATION of their members who cheat. Many members' ELO scores bounce up and down wildly because one member cheated on, has their ranking bounce artificially, which means their next several games with non-cheaters also induce secondary fake waves in scores. Enough cheaters unstabalizes the accuracy of real playing ability in a very wide range of members. refuses to see the big picture, looking only at individual games and players, ignoring the widespread destruction of accurate score keeping. Because you are matched up against others based on ELO score, the fairness of matchup are also destroyed for the wide population by the few cheaters. They refuse a prompt and sufficient process to throw cheaters OUT.

  • Updated by Brian Rowan · Sep 07, 2019

    How long will the blatant cheating continue on It is NOT difficult to detect cheaters. Cheaters loose badly for a while, and inexplicably make fantastic turn around in a few moves for a victory! Very easy to spot. But profit prevails to motivate keeping all the cheaters as long as possible. It is miserable. Avoid at all costs.

online chess is saturated with unfair play online, and is in denial about how bad it is. The head of customer service says their tactical training does not affect one's blitz play enough to calculate it into matching up opponents. Why then does sell tactical training as the path to strengthen your game, if it doesn't strengthen your game? Why am I matched to players hiding 500 plus tactical training advantage over me, which wrongly claims to be a fair match-up? Why does the head of customer service say cheating is at an all-time low, when others within emailed me saying they were experiencing an epidemic outbreak of sandbagging (artificially lowered blitz scores hiding huge tactical advantages)? used to be fun, but has become an infested mess of unfair match-ups and cheating due to mismanagement. I advise players to go elsewhere.

unauthorized debit card charges has unauthorizedly deducted 99 USD from my bank account via my debit card at 2019/07/11. I have already informed to through emails about this issue @2019/07/11, 2019/07/17, 2019/07/22, 2019/07/26 and 2019/07/30. But sadly is yet to refund me. All what did is sending occasional emails asking same thing over and over again.
1. has deducted money from my account unauthorizedly (Ref: [protected])
2. Even when I made number of complaints no due care is given yet.
I want the refund as quickly as possible. Absolutely disappointed about

My email: saranga.[protected] username: g111222

chess play

Audio sound is not working, while i play chess. I use your website for the past 6 years. In absence of audio sound, i feel much difficulty in play. Thank you very much for your 24 hours service for any person, to play chess from anywhere and at any time. Please rectify the audio system to my connection and help me, so that i can enjoy the chess game. Thank you very much. Bagawandas solomon

cancel membership

I am trying to cancel my membership on and it doesn't let me it just leads to a page that says how to cancel the membership that leads to a page that says click here to...


I am a premium member of chess. com and I can not use the program I paid for. The problem is with their sign in procedure. I do not know how to contact them to correct this problem I am having. I would appreciate help in finding their phone number or Email address. I need to talk to a customer service representative to resolve this problem. My name is Robert Leblanc address is 1008 Sandridge road Hubert NC 28539 Email [protected]

This site has a gps tracker that freezes your pg right before you're about to win and causes you to lose because of *game abandonment*...after I lose, it unfreezes ...and everything works's getting obvious ..this been going on for years...but it gotten worse... it did it 5 times in one sitting (2 hours). Smdh causing me to loss games and drop my ratings. Is it because I'm black ? I'm filling civil rights lawsuit asap...I'm tired of these sites and apps. You cheating devils aint [censor] but liars.

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    Detearing Nov 19, 2018

    Yes, the same thing has been happening for well over 13 years...what a joke that they cannot fix the gimmick. LOL...they have some players that just don't want to lose, even if it means to cheat the game and kill it early.

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  • He
    Helen3003 Nov 19, 2018

    well why don't you call them the number +1-833-272_O777 this might literally help
    Yes, the same thing has been happening for well over 13 years...what a joke that they cannot fix the gimmick. LOL...they have some players that just don't want to lose, even if it means to cheat the game and kill it early.

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  • Ga
    Gabe Harmat Nov 24, 2018

    wow, thanks for sharing, this happened to me too. I was in winning position on several occasions when the page froze on me too. I had to call my internet provider to install new equipment.

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    Gabe Harmat Nov 24, 2018

    I have joined to play chess for fun and a learning experience. Unfortunately I have to report a bad experience with a person who goes by the name Queenspawn. After I lost a game against this guy he mocked me and in in a couple separate e mails he called me names such as : wino, old man, asshole. I've responded in kind but then I was the one who got a warning. Funny, looking at comments from other players, apparently they all share my views that this individual is very unsportsmanlike, is an ungracious winner and lacking any social skills. This guy should take a few courses of martial arts where the first thing they teach you is respecting your opponent, being highly skilled in Krav Maga I'd be glad to teach him a couple lessons.

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  • Ga
    Gabe Harmat Nov 24, 2018

    yeh, what is the phone number for this site?

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closed my account

I loved this site in the past and spent a lot of my time on! Recently they closed my account for no reason! I have no idea what happened, I did nothing wrong! When I contacted them and asked what was the reason they claimed they don't have to explain anything. I'm extremely disappointed with Chess and the worst part is that I can't get any explanation!

re:chess order #293198

I subscribed for a chess game but found it to be far less inferior than what was advertised. I canceled the subscription the same day and requested for the refund of my money twice. The company did not care to respond to my requests much less refund my money.

I request the Board to enable me get my money back.

Thank you
Bekele Endalew

  • Fi
    filo riketi Oct 14, 2019

    As you probably you guess I am leaving this comment toooo complained as how poorly you site ** is ** I have been plying for several years now and your people the ones that monitor your site are first ** racist ** I am not like to brand this word to anyone but in your case this is true, for some reason they don't like me and many time I had left very rude comments but is just for the frustration that your people are very unfair so that some of the time they don't want me to win and they take my time or they interrupt the game by no letting the pieces get fixed properly, if you would like to get in touch with me my address is E mail : [email protected] be free to do so

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