Check & Gopayment not received

Sa May 20, 2019

I, Samuel King, paid on my loan with my debit card, as usual, on May 1st 2019 at the check & go at 1301 3rd ave. west, Birmingham, Ala.35208. Two days later, after paying all my bills, and receipts for all bills, I noticed that there was still more money than usual still on my card. So I back tracked and found out that, check & go had not gotten a payment off my card. Mind you, she said she swiped the card, gave me a receipt and for some reason my payment was not acknowledged. I called my direct express card bank (Comerica Bank) and was told that my card had not been swiped nor had a swipe even been attempted. Customer service number is 1-800-741-1115. I have the all the transactions for the month of May and I do not see no such transaction or attempted transaction for check & go. I am on disability and cannot afford to pay extra money. Bills take it all. I know I owe, but can not afford to pay on something I did not cause. Please work with me.

  • Updated by Samuel King1, May 20, 2019

    This is a revised copy of a prior complaint not furnishing enough info

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