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On 12/2/2020 I went to the Rally's #4049 in Columbia, Ohio. I place my order, which should have been 3 cheeseburgers with bacon, 3 cheeseburgers, and 1 plain cheeseburger, and 6 medium fries. My order was not read back to me, but when I was given a total of $25.42 I assumed they had gotten my order correct. I pulled up to the window and paid then waited for my order. After about 10 minutes the cashier came to the window and asked me to pull to a parking space that they were finishing up my order and would be out shortly. I place my order at 5:57 pm and did not receive it until 6:30 pm. Then it was only 4 sandwiches and the fries. I asked where the other sandwiches were and was told I had only ordered 4. I said no I ordered 7, you only rung up 4. I told her I would pay for the other 3, but I wasn't getting back in line for another half hour. At the point she said "Then, [censored], I guess you won't be getting them. " I then called her a [censored] back and told her I would be calling in on her. She threatened me and yes, I told her to bring it on. At that time, a male employee came out and told her to just get back inside. My receipt # is 2009 and I am sure you will get other complaints because I was only one of many people left waiting over a half hour for their orders. I think you should refund my money or at least a portion of it. That is unacceptable and you should not allow your customers to be treated that way.

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Jan 21, 2022 4:08 pm
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Tynesha Lewis #7331Rallys on Spring Grove Ave
I started working their on Jan 19, 22 This place didn't have heat on which the heat does work it was cold in their like it was outside I'm like wow we work in the freezer I called and complained the day before yesterdaythat was Wednesday when I started, it's says work today get paid tomorrow I worked one day I haven't received a regular schedule I haven't received a paycard yet nor have I been paid yet.I was also told you have to drink water no pop juice as and employee .
This place has no structure very bad customer service no teamwork the first day I started I was put on register I need to pay for my lunch or eat before I come to work a total wreck so much confusion . Crazy thing about it's close to my apt 7 mins away I didn't have to go that far.
I hope this message find someone today is Jan 21 my second day I am over that place. Call me pls


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