Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally'sstore manager

D Jul 01, 2019

Late Sunday night 6/30/19 after 11:00 p.m. I went through one of your Checkers drive throughs located at; 643 N. Marine Blvd. with a coupon for a number 1 (BB w/ a small drink & small fry). The manager gets on the speaker to take the order, & I inform her that I have a coupon for a number one & I wanted a large drink & fry. She responds by saying, that can't be done! I let her know that I've done it before. The manager says the coupon has to honoured as is. I let it go (I was getting some lunch/dinner for work before going)! At the window she has an attitude & she asked me to show her the individual who honoured the coupon in the past so she could fire them! Continues to say that anyone doing that at that store will be fired! I told her that any Rally's & Checkers I've been to the coupons were honored & I paid the difference! She proceeds to tell me that they're not supposed to & corporate doesn't allow it! I replied, "but, they're not losing money"! Your manager at the Marine Blvd (17) and Onslow Drive in Jacksonville NC is bad for your business! Could be time for a change & improvement!

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