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S Apr 17, 2019 Review updated:

CCI Hotel Reservations is a scam! 1.800.468.3578 took my reservation for a Comfort Inn in Chambersburg, PA. When I arrived I was directed to a Super 8 Hotel. The hotel itself was dingy and in poor repair. The room was filthy with a filthy toilet and lights not working. I complained and the hotel canceled my reservation. Then I was able to stay at the close by Comfort Inn. Now I am unable to receive a refund! I cannot be connected to an agent. This is a scam!


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    RitaV Jun 24, 2019

    I was directed to CCI by the organization holding a conference I planned to attend and made my hotel reservations through them. What I was not aware of was the huge service fee that was charged (greater than a one-night stay at the hotel). When I asked for an itemized bill from the hotel, I discovered that I had been charged nearly $250 above and beyond the cost of the 4-night stay. The hotel charged $169.00 a night. I would stay away from CCI! RBV

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  • Ja
    James Nabours Aug 23, 2019

    I was charged $455.00 for a three night stay that only cost me $293.00 if I'd booked direct. Total scum company

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    UpsetbyripoffofCC Oct 15, 2019

    @James Nabours The same thing happened to me. $687 for a $476 stay!

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  • Bo
    Bobbie Stevens Aug 31, 2019

    We booked one night at a hotel in Cleveland, Ohio for the sole purpose of going to the Cleveland Clinic. The appointment was changed to a different date and they refused to refund our money. We are out $345.00. American Express was not able to resolve this for us either. Disgusted!!!

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  • Ro
    Robert Diaz Sep 18, 2019

    How CCI*Reservations is allowed to stay in business, I'll never know. The phone number I used to talk to a customer service agent was: (855) 956 - 2201.

    What happened in my particular case was that off of the Google listing of applicable websites, I clicked on the Best Western Meridian website, the address of the hotel being in Meridian, Idaho (a few miles west of Boise).

    On the first page of the website, I noticed that it didn't look like Best Western's usual website, but rather, a reservations site that handled the booking, itself.

    At that instant, my internal alarm bells didn't start ringing since I LOOKED AND MADE SURE that the webpage definitely indicated the hotel's address as being in Meridian, Idaho.

    So, I clicked on the dates for my check-in and check-out, and as would be expected, I landed on another webpage wherein I was prompted to continue doing the data entry in terms of the type of room I wanted, as well as my credit card information.

    After the website accepted all my information, it sent me back a confirmation. But Holy Toledo, I was SHOCKED to read on that confirmation's webpage that the Best Western Meridian Hotel's physical address for my reservation was in Lloydminster, which is in Alberta, Canada.

    HELL ?!!!

    I've never in my entire life been in Canada, nor do I plan to visit Canada at any time in the foreseeable future. Eh?

    And to top it off, the "window" for cancellation had already passed. That's right, you heard me right. Although I had just finished paying for the room not five minutes before, CCI*Reservations, in its infinite ignorance, had already considered it too late to allow me to cancel my reservation and issue me the appropriate full refund.

    Any reputable hotel accommodations company in the world would give a customer at least a 24-hour grace period for canceling a booking.

    But, you see, that's just it: CCI*Reservations is NOT a reputable company. It is a firm off ill repute.

    When I spoke to the customer service agent and told her that it was not my fault that the website unknowingly switched me over to another Best Western Meridian Hotel's website [i.e., from Boise, Idaho, over to Alberta, CA] without me instructing it to, she said that (and with an accent that I had trouble understanding, thus my requesting that she repeat herself several times during the actual phone conversation) it was too late to cancel without my incurring an unavoidable penalty.

    She said that she could go ahead and cancel my reservation, yes, indeed, but that I would still be charged a ONE-NIGHT FEE!

    She said there was nothing else she could do, even though I continually repeated to her that it was the website's fault that this gross error occurred -- NOT mine. Needless to say, it was like talking to a wall.

    It is my belief that this "switch up" occurred purposefully, just so that CCI*Reservations could get a one-night's hotel room fee in their pockets without doing anything whatsoever to earn it.

    Oh, and adding insult to injury, they charged me an additional $14 "processing" fee at the exact same time that the erroneous reservation went in, something that most other hotel reservations websites DON'T do.

    Our government should get in there and shut CCI*Reservations' website down PERMANENTLY. I mean, what are we paying taxes for? So we can continue to have an egomaniacal dullard sit in the Oval Office and not get any consumer protection when we really need it?

    CCI*Reservations: A scam company if ever I saw one.

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  • Ro
    Robert Diaz Sep 18, 2019

    @Robert Diaz The customer service phone number for CCI*Reservations was censured by the Complaint Board's software.
    It shouldn't have been.
    CCI*Reservations needs to be held accountable.
    Their customer service number is: 1.855.956.2201.

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  • Ke
    Kenneth Bingham Nov 01, 2019

    @Robert Diaz I stayed at Springhill Suites by Marriott.
    Paid them $120.00.
    Three days later my credit card was charged $471.00 by CCI.

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  • Ri
    Richard Seymour Sep 22, 2019

    Called to book hotel reservation for Friday Sept 6 (Night of a pending hurricane)
    Called again approximately 5 hours later to cancel reservation. Cancellation was accepted.
    Today (September 16) received bill for $407.93

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    UpsetbyripoffofCC Oct 15, 2019

    My husband reserved rooms in Winston Salem, NC for the Hampton Inn and Suites. He did not realize that he was paying up front he thought it was just a reservation. They charged $687.00 For 4 nights. Well, we finally went and stayed there. The actual charges were only $476.00. After calling the hotel and checking with CC Hotel Reservations, I found out that the difference would not be refunded to us! What a rip off!!
    Please beware of this company. Never pay in advance, especially to them!

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  • Sp
    Spercival Oct 31, 2019

    This booking agency is a complete rip off! My daughter made the reservation while I was driving and a room per night was 209.00, we stayed 2 nights. The total bill ended up being 581.88! That is 163.00 worth of taxes and fees! What a joke! If I had called the hotel myself the room rate per night would have been 169.00 for a total of 338.00 plus taxes. I cannot believe this place is still in business, by the other reviews about this site I see I'm not alone! Do not EVER book with this company!

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  • Ch
    Christian Sander Jan 09, 2020

    I'm so infuriated with this scam that I'm gonna go ahead and Dox the guy that runs it.
    This is his house. Send him your bills.

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  • Ga
    Gary Vanderplaats Jan 19, 2020

    This is a horrible company, don't ever use them for anything. I booked a reservation on line for a hotel in Tallahassee, Florida on October 30, 2019 at 17:52 in the afternoon for three nights. After receiving the confirmation on my phone I saw that there were service charges on the bill that did not look right. I called and asked the agent to explain the charges to me and he said he could not at which point I told him verbally to cancel the reservation. When I arrived at another hotel that evening on the morning of the 31st at 03:00 AM I went on line to find that they had not cancelled the reservation. I then cancelled it on line, now three hours past the 48 hour deadline and called the reservation desk to explain to them what had happened. The reservation clerk said, "No problem, you called in time and you will not be charged". When I received the statement from Capital One they had indeed cancelled the reservation but still charged me for $198.00, called a one night cancellation fee, what the heck. Capital One, even after submitting not one, but two dispute letters were unable to help. I paid the bill, minus the interest charges form Capital One and will not only not ever use CCI* Reservations again but also doubt if I will use Capital One going forward as well. Capital One is supposed to protect their customers from fraud and this clearly was not done.

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  • Ro
    Ron Aye Feb 09, 2020

    Same company, same experience. Stayed at Baymont by Wyndham in Springfield, MO. I thought the price was high once I got to the hotel and saw the condition it was in. I asked for a receipt at checkout. I would have paid $58.92, but was charged $89.41. Therefore, $30.49 for charges and service fees. Typically I would have been wise to the doctored site, but I was using a Kindle Fire to book, and disregarded my intuition. Since it is Sunday, I need to wait until 7:00am Monday to dispute the cost with my card company. I will also likely ask for a new card since CCI has probably sold it online.

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  • Pe
    Peter Akin Mar 03, 2020

    I have also been SCAMMED by CCI Hotel or its agent. I got my credit card statement a few days ago only to find an entry of $267.34 from CC1 Hotel in Texas debited February 15, 2020. I live in Lagos Nigeria and has never been in Texas. What are the US authorities doing about these men and women of the underworld? Calls to the number provided 800-468-3578 is not getting through.

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