Cca (Collection Company Of America)Fraud

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They have sent me a collection notice in the mail stating that I owe $27.47 on an XM Satellite Radio account. I called them to verify and all they would say on the phone was " would you like to use your credit card now please". So I called XM and they told me I had a $0 balance. This collection notice was odd since I have been paying in advance 3 months at a time. Now i have to find out how they are going to ruin my credit score... this is CRAP.


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    Ace786 Jul 13, 2011

    Absolutely, Fraud and a Cheat...The moment i Told Miss.Clark I am in the police station and she needs to give me her information so i can dispute this $1000.00 amount that i never owe to anyone...She said oh, don't file the claim yet because she does not have all the information...I said ok whatever you got just fax it to me to this police station Fax number I gave her the Fax #...She said oh it will take few hours to get the information...and please don't file the claim because if you dispute the amount and just in case if it is your debt and you forgot about it it will back fire at you and you will be arrested because CCA had Requested A Warrant Against me Already...( i was In care about me...). well, till now never heard back from them yet!

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    Unhappy314 Jun 26, 2011

    Company is a FRAUD!! Beware!!! They sent me a collection notice via USPS Mail stating that I owe them $474.80 from a past due ebay balance. I don't owe EBay a nickel!!! Do they honestly think people are going to pay debts by being strong-armed into giving a credit card number. This company needs to be investigated by Law Enforcement and other State Agencies.

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    S and B Apr 09, 2011
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    To Rob D and Ryan H--read before responding to these people's comments and telling them to pay their bills, how about paying attention to their comments first?? They are paying their bills! They are being erroneously sent to collection over bills that they already paid in full according to their contracts!

    My hubby and I have our own horror story with CCA--we have been fighting with them now for 3 years over a cell phone bill that we don't owe. It was with AT T. We started service on Nov. 2, 2007. We ended the service on Nov. 16, 2007. That was only 14 days and we did not make any phone calls with it! We had a contract that said that if we ended that contract within 15 days, we would owe nothing. We didn't hear anything bill wise from AT And T at all. No bill, nothing. And then all of a sudden, January of 2009, we get this collection bill from CCA. We have now reached the point where we are reporting them to our own state's attorney general's office and the Massachussetts Attorney General's office because they have been breaking Fair Credit law--our attorney demanded that they send us proof that they(CCA) are licensed to operate in the state of Washington(that is where we live), and they haven't sent that, the attorney requested that they send us an itemized statement and a copy of the contract that we signed, they haven't sent that, they were told that if they did not send these things that they were to immediately remove this item from my hubby's credit report, they didn't do that, and they were told to cease and desist calling us. They didn't do that. So, I don't care how reputable you say they are, the fact that they are treating me and my husband this way tells us that they are not reputable. They have broken the law in our case. OH, incidentally, we have receipts proving that we returned the phones and ended our service when we said we did. And that proof was sent to them. They have it. But they have chosen to ignore it.

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    Dan in N.Y. Mar 22, 2011

    First, this goes out to Claudia M. She is obviously one of those Vile Collections People--who in my view, are nothing more than minimum wage losers who do not possess the skills or education to find a better job, and who perhaps found a way to get back at the world for being mean to them in school when they had red hair, freckles and braces. That said, I am a Vice President in Credit Card Banking and Collections. I do not believe in sending aging accounts to outside agencies, due to the fact that they are often unprofessional vermin with no interpersonal skills. As a banking professional, it is necessary to realize that each and every agency represents the bank, be it collections, legal, chexsystems or other consumer agencies. Since they are representing the bank--albeit for a sizeable commission on whatever they collect--they often will stop at nothing to collect, including, but not limited to fraudulent representations. I myself have hired and fired over 50 outside collection agencies throughout my 26 year tenure with this banking corporation. I have fired over 100 bank employees throughout my rein as department supervisor, manager, team leader, and division leader, most of which was due to an ethical concern. Whether you are a retail store, banking or mortgage company, or collection agency, we are ALL bound by the rules of the Consumer Fair Debt Collection Practices Act--as amended. I think that the heirarchy of C.C.A. and Claudia M. should realize that by now, and perhaps look for guidance from the American Collectors' Association. If you do, you may just realize that there are better, more productive and HONEST ways to collect legitimate debt--without violating the laws which protect the consumer. My division does it on a daily basis, and our numbers are so good, that we only have 112 charge off accounts left, out of over 10, 000. I dont care whether the debtor sends us $10.00 a month, as long as they are consistent. In these economic times, I would rather collect $10.00 a month from 10, 000 debtors = $100, 000.00, than to collect $2, 500.00 - $5, 000.00, and have to give HALF of it to the courts, and lawyers for legal fees. Get with the times people, George W. Bush and his self-serving War has cost us--the free world--our economic stability. Hopefully one of our presidents, be it Obama or another, Republican or Democrat, will be able to restore it one day soon. Although, I am not hopeful for a speedy recovery. Until it happens, people are worried about being homeless, jobless, and without food, clothing and medical care for their children, the elderly, and themselves. What makes you think they are going to worry about an old credit card or bounced check, or cell phone? Especially since the banking rules are requiring damn near perfect credit instead of GOOD credit in lending of any kind these days, what's one small smudge on their Experian Report--especially considering that $500.00 or $1, 000.00 could feed a family for months?

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    tomasg Oct 16, 2010

    I received a bill from EOS CCA stating i owe 7650.00 for a school i attened..I never went to school..and when i tried to call the 800 number listed on their form the number doesnt even go through..Now i have take the time to write and check my credit if i dont have enough to do all ready..what is this world coming to.. if someone is using my personal info i will go after them and do what needs to be done...

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    michelledillon Aug 13, 2010

    This is a copy of the letter that I filed (on-line) with the OCCC, BBB, Texas Attorney Generals Office and the FTC. If more of us file complaints online then maybe we can make a difference. It only takes a few minutes to do. By the way I do have the recording of the conversation with CCA and for $50 you can buy a recorder that attaches to your phone (cant be a cordless phone, you will need the old fashioned phone with cords) from any Radio Shack.

    Regarding Complaint Against: Check Collectors of America, 2650 Foutainview Dr., Ste 225, Houston TX 77057

    August 13, 2010

    Today, I called CCA (Check Collections of America) and spoke with (and recorded the conversation that I had with a lady only naming herself as) Ms. T, today. The phone number that I called was [protected]. I verbally requested a cease and desist and that all future correspondence be mailed.
    The reason for this letter is that I have filed complaints with the FTC, Attorney General’s Office, The OCCC and the BBB. I have read the Attorney Generals web-site regarding fraudulent debt collection tactics. I believe Check Collections of America (CCA) to be in violation of fraudulent or deceptive practices; which are prohibited.
    I was told (by Ms T.) that she represents an attorney (Eileen) and that she was going or has already filed an affidavit with the District Attorneys Office for a hot check. I know that debt collectors are not allowed to deceive consumers with the following:
    • False representations implying that they are attorneys or that there is the involvement of an attorney in collecting a debt; Use of a false name; Falsely indicating the legal status of papers or forms sent to you; False representations that you have committed a crime or that you will be arrested or imprisoned;
    I believe that CCA is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act. There are also penalties and violations in regards to the Texas Debt Collection Act. Check Collections of America (CCA) are subject to criminal and civil penalties. These violations could also result in an injunction and damages against CCA. These actions are also violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices/Consumer Protection Act which gives the Attorney General the authority to take action in the public interest.
    As I stated to Ms. T that I have contacted St. Lukes Hospital (Where the alleged hot check was written) and was told that this check was not returned for

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    unhappyconsumer55 Aug 13, 2010

    Company continuously has called to harasses me. I've have called to simply ask for a record of the debt to be sent in writing and they have refused.

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  • Ju
    JussSayin Aug 05, 2010

    I want to know how CCA got my telephone number, calling for someone I haven't seen in 8 years. This person is only connected to me via facebook and doesn't have my telephone numbers!!! I'm freaked out by this company. If they call again I will file harassment reports because I do not have this person near/around/living with me and they are calling for her constantly! I do not owe these people, they need to quit calling already!

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    family member Jul 20, 2010

    The problem I have had with EOS-CCA is they keep calling my house asking for my brother in-law or trying to get message to him. My husband and I have relayed the message to him and told EOS-CCA this and to take us off the calling list. Yes, my brother in-law has had trouble in the past paying his bills, so I am not saying the collections isn't correct. I just don't like getting all the phone calls from collectors (not just EOS-CCA) trying to collect debt that isn't ours. However, most of the other collectors will stop calling once asked. One EOS-CCA employee, got really rude with me once I asked to take our name off the calling list (about the 3rd attempt to remove it). She didn't hang up on me, but put me on hold and never came back to the phone after more than 40 minutes. I hung up and called back to attempt to remove it again. I told them if we get another phone call from them (when it isn't our debt), I was filling out a warrant for harrassing communications. We also get calls from collectors on our neighbors. For all you collectors out there, put yourselves in my shoes, you wouldn't like getting DAILY calls from collectors for debt that isn't even yours. Crazy that you work hard to pay your own bills, but still get calls for other people's debt. We can't help it that family, neighbors, etc. don't pay their bills, PLEASE DON'T HARRASE OTHERS when you know you are calling a family member or neighbors house, not the debtor.

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    Claudia M Jun 18, 2010

    I personally don't think everyone here is innocent on this board! If call Cca and act like an adult and have no attitude with these collectors and try to handle the account in a proper manner then they won't hang up on you. #2 If bills are paid on time like everyone promised they would when they signed that that piece of paper which was a legally binding contract they wouldn't have to deal with these collectors. #3 They can't disclose any information cause it's obviously personal information. It's like when you have sumthing that's under your name for example a cellphone, not anyone can call in behalf of your account unless the user adds you as a authorized user. If u had a bill and I called your home and asked for and say your auntie answers the Phone and she's askin who what and where would you like for me to say ya she has a cell phone bill here for 500$ she needs to call me back and take care of it. Now your aunties gonna be like wow she can't even pay her cellphne bill I wonder how she's doing ok her mortgage which is another luxury item. It's none of your concern. So let the grown woman who signed that contract take care of her responsibility.#3 The people who you should be mad at is the client cause Cca doesn't come up with these debts out of nowhere. They don't magically appear on their computers. The client sends all the info to their office and they just call to collect the money. #4 Get over the fraud BS cause if the were trying to scam you they would they would take it full social security number and take out creditcards and etc under your name so pay your bills on time and you'll be ok

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    barbsonnow Jun 03, 2010
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    They are unethical. They conduct illegal acts. Legitimate debt collectors will not harass. This company sent collection letters to people who are not even related to me-nice work in an attempt to try to get a response. Recap: THEY CONDUCT ILLEGAL ACTS.

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  • St
    stachura72 May 20, 2010

    *****EOS CCA**** Is a legitimate collection agency. They do not purchase debt. Creditors send account information to their office to be recovered. Any inaccuracies are from the original creditor. It is possible that the debt is fraud, but only because someone may have obtained a consumers information and has opened a credit line in their name without their knowledge. This is not EOS CCA committing fraud it is whoever opened the line of credit in someone other than their own name. Talk to them, find out if it is fraud or the balance is incorrect they will do what they can to straighten the matter out for you by disputing the bill and validating the amount owed. If you do nothing the account sits in collections accruing interest on the balance if they cannot collect by law it will be put on your credit. There are dead beats out there that know they owe the bill and claim fraud if you are not one of those people hear what EOS CCA has to say about the account work with them to figure it out. Do not ignore it because a balance of $300 can turn into a bill $1000 if they cannot collect. If it is your bill you agreed to a term with your lender you do owe cancellation fees whether or not you were happy with the service. This company contacted me about a $1300 bill. I told them it was in correct they asked why I told them my final bill from them was only $360 so they told me to pay the bill and dispute the remaining balance. Against my better judgment I did the collection calls stopped so I called them. At&t validated the balance it was only $360 EOS CCA had collection fees of $17 which they waved and closed my account. My credit was updated and my account was settled. I ignored them for a while then just decided to see what the hell they wanted and I am glad I did. There is not need to be snoody to these people if you want to pay the bill work with them I am glad I did.

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  • No
    noelpugh May 20, 2010

    Anyone who has been harmed by this company please file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at [protected].

    I was given no notice of my debt before I was reported to credit agencies- this is violative of the Federal Debt Collection Act.

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  • Jo
    Johny999 May 14, 2010


    For all of you here is a good answer to your concerns. Most professional and decent collection agencies must comply with state and federal laws. Collection agency can't disclose and provide any information what so ever to any one, only the subject consumer, even they are not obligated to tell the wife or the husband, and of course depend on the state laws. they must provide you with name, address, and telephone number of your creditor for contact and validate the debt. If your creditor's does not corporate of the agency, then you should notify the attorney General office and file a complaint against both of them. Better business Bureau is a joke.

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  • 12
    12891 May 07, 2010

    I worked for cca about 8 years ago... just so everyone knows... they actually have a software program that will look up your neighbor's phone numbers... or even people that live int an aprtment next to you. Then, they will call their phone and ask for you. They hope this person will be stupid enough, and alot of times they are, to be like, "Oh no, that's my neighbor- their # is...' Also they award scratch tickets(lol) to their employees who collect a high debt... FYI ;)

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    name to display Apr 30, 2010

    I have dealt with this company due to a student loan defult...yes yes, I know all you holier than thou folks with your preachy "pay your bills" mumbo jumbo...whatever not even going to get into that. My point is, I haven't had any issues with this company at all. Everyone I have spoke with is pleasant, helpful, resepctful nothing I would have imagined from a collection agnecy. I typically think of these types as sort of "bottom feeders" kind of opportunistic leeches, however, I was surpised that again, the folks I have dealt with are well spoken, and appear to be professional. It does suck to get stuck in the whole collection agency drama, and credit reports etc. but it is what it is. I had a debt, I screwed up, I have to pay it. Makes no difference to me, I'm actually glad 1/3 of my loans are paid off. And as for credit reports, screw it, the whole entire country is headed straight for bankruptcy. Just ride the wave, over the next few years we all be screwed and some # on a report somewhere is going to mean a thing.

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  • Za
    Zachary76 Apr 19, 2010

    I agree with you guys 100 percent. How can I open an account in March and owe $902.00 in April. I have been in Japan since 2007. This has more then piss me off, I hope someone finds them soon and hang them by the baXXs. People like this make is hard for honest people.

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  • Pa
    ParaAshley Mar 30, 2010

    Not everyone that gets these collection calls/letters owe money. If I owe the debt, I pay it. Being an active duty military family, we move around a lot, mail sometimes doesn't get forwarded, it happens. I have no problem paying the debt for a bill that we owed before moving.

    However, the problem I had with CCA is that I paid them once, requested confirmation of the payment, in writing, never received it, and now I'm getting phone calls saying that I still owe them! I have record of the payment, including bank transactions, check number/amount, and a copy of the letter sent with the payment requesting proof of the account being paid as agreed. However, CCA is saying that this evidence is not sufficient.

    CCA only had 10 days to report the collection account as paid. There have been no updates to my credit report for 2 months from CCA. The collection account still shows as open. This is unacceptable behavior for a collection agency. Money doesn't just "poof" into thin air. It goes somewhere, and it leaves a paper trail. Though, CCA has been unable to tell me who cashed the check, or where it was deposited to. Absurd!

    As far as other collection agencies are concerned, I'm happy to pay if I owe. But don't be rude when I inquire as to what it's about, especially after confirming my identity. And don't be upset if I request, in writing, original records of the debt, including when the debt was charged off and acquired by said collector.

    And if I tell you not to call me anymore, and that all correspondence is to be in writing, you are required by law to comply. Don't try and tell me differently.

    Just watch your conduct, because the person you're collecting on may be a paralegal for a Contract Law firm. o_O

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  • Be
    ben lebarre Mar 27, 2010

    this is a company that has to be getting info somewhere i have all my records for a bill at att and no one can come up with any place for me to prove it to someone in person i guess mass lets these people operate it really is frustrating to try to talk to someone at att so i am dropping them and we all need to report these people

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  • An
    Anonymoosey Mar 21, 2010

    Know your rights! These people cannot be trusted. They will make accusations that YOU are the one breaking the law, when 9 times out of 10 it is THEM who violate. Visit and get informed. You have many rights a consumer and those vultures in the collections industry will do everything in their power to make you feel small and powerless. Don't let them fool you!! YOU have the power! GET INFORMED!

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  • Gl
    GladIGotanAtty Mar 18, 2010

    This company tried to pursue me for a non existent debt, I tried repeatedly to resolve the issue with this company to no avail. I hired an attorney and all is fixed. They received inaccurate information from an account that was paid in full with no late payments, sometimes creditors do unfortunately make mistakes. I will add in that CCA repeatedly violated FDCPA regulations and made no effort to provide me anything in writing, a welcome letter to validate the debt or a statement and would not provide a fax # to me to provide them with documentation that the account in question was paid in full. I think this company may not be responsible 100% for the bad debt they receive, however I do believe they treat consumers who are not debtors quite poorly.

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  • Ma
    Martha R Mar 04, 2010

    the same thing happened to me, but they made sort sort it out with Sprint PCS first. I sent in all of my documentation proving it was Fraudulent and they are currently working on a DELETION LETTER. Although the people were rude an inconsiderate they did advise they would try and expidite my letter. I am hoping to have it this week. Identity theft is a very unfortunate event but i can be removed from your credit report. It does require a little leg work from you but it is worth it to get it removed.

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  • Pi
    PissedoffCCA Mar 02, 2010

    Same ### here. I have a collection account on my credit report from CCA from att for 593$. Att has no knowledge of the account. I closed my account with ATT and the final balance was 186$ now I have these ###s messing up my credit with a bill that never happened???!!!

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  • Da
    danceteacher Feb 12, 2010

    I am reading this site for advice. And find it extremely offensive that almost half the comments are rude. I, unfortunately, have been the victim of identity theft. Someone used my SS# to open an account through At&t and now I am trying to sort it out. I pay all my bills, I don't recieve calls from other agencys, I want to fix this. So here I am trying to get as much information as I can, and what I get is a lot of nasty comments from people thinking that we are just irresponsible. Go have your rants somewhere else.
    I received a letter from CCA EOS for this account and I am still unsure if it is a real debt to be paid. I was passed around from one person to another on the phone, repeatedly. I called At&t directly and they could nto find my account. Finally I was able to get the phone # that the account was opened under. The account was opened in another State, where I went to college, have not lived there since 2003. I was sent a dispute form, but it is a horrible copy and just seems suspicious.
    Any words of advice on what my next step should be???

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    Anonymous1234567891011 Feb 03, 2010



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  • Ja
    J.A. Gonzalez Feb 03, 2010

    I have a similar problem that many of you have and my credit score is flawed and no one will do anything for me, nor Experian, nor At&t or CCA. my question would be this, is there anyway that collective action can be taken against this company?

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  • An
    anonomo Dec 17, 2009

    you guys are all really idiots. minus lawyer boy over here. they follow the law and obviously they cant and dont make up their own account and debt info. its given to them by companies that may be at fault but the most likely case is that you owe someone money. pay your ###in bills idiots. i have delt with debtors all my life and you're all exactly the same. always blaming someone else then when you finally admit you owe it, you still dont pay sp why dont you just admit you're a loser and get it all over with. they hire pretty talented people to find you and if you owe a government loan forget about runing, its called wage garnishment. they take your money anyway ... [censored]es. google it

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  • Ko
    Kosta Kollef Dec 17, 2009

    Okay - attorney here: it's very simple-if you legitimately owe a debt, that is, if you CONTRACTED for goods or services, received same and subsequently did not pay for those goods and services, you owe the debt. Whether the vendor can collect is another matter. Firstly, all states have a statute of limitations on how long a debt can be held out before an action (a lawsuit) can be brought to recover the monies allegedly owed. Most states also allow the recovery of reasonable costs, such as filing and service fees, legal fees and similar costs of disbursement.

    A collection company that's external to the vendor, that is, one that's not a subsidiary of the vendor, will typically buy "bad debt" or debt that the vendor's internal collections area can't process to payment. The older the debt, the less the collection company will pay. When an initial collection fails, the debt may be resold to another collection agency. Please understand that each collection agency owns the debt at that point and that the original vendor no longer has rights to the debt, typically. The collection agency can and will use all resources at its disposal to collect the debt, as this is their business. They are unlikely to take the alleged debtor to court for small amounts as the mere act of filing will cost hundreds of dollars in attorney's time and filing fees. If a suit is launched, the defendant can defend his or her position and will win if the debt is not provable, which is the plaintiff's responsibility to show. Should the plaintiff prevail and be awarded a default judgment, the plaintiff will still have to collect the default amount, although at that point, the options expanded to include asking the Court for judgment tools, like a court order to attach wages, bank accounts and other found assets. I have *never* heard of this done for amounts under five grand. And, one shouldn't discount the defendants right to appeal and to otherwise tie up a case with factual discovery and other elements of due process which is every American's right.

    Having said all that, the question remains as to what to do for amounts that are alleged to be owed but that are either inaccurate or false in toto. The FCRA provides protection for consumers from debt collection gone awry. The very first thing I would suggest is mailing, certified mail, return receipt requested, a letter that demands substantiation of the debt, including copies of signed contracts, billing dates, dates of default and proof from the collector that a) they have the right to collect debts in your state and b) they have the right to collect YOUR debt, that is, that they own the debt. In the same letter, you should demand that during the period allowed for them to respond, they must remove the invalid information from your credit report and that failure to do so will result in a suit by you against them (in your local Federal court) to compel them to perform as they are required by law and will inevitably result in a fine as is statutory. Further, if the agency doesn't properly validate the debt and pursues a judgment, it would be possible to reflect this to the presiding judge and ask for a dismissal of those grounds alone.

    In short, if you owe the debt and it's provable that you owe the debt, and all other elements of law are in place, then you should endeavor to satisfy your obligation. On the other hand, if you don't owe it, you'd be crazy to pay it EXCEPT if you chose to because it's a small amount and not worth your time to fight it. And that's a decision you would have to make.

    Remember, at all times, stick to the facts and apply your rights. I know that many attorneys counseling poorer clients recommend settling even when the debt in question isn't entirely legitimate because reporting to the CCAs can mean other, larger problems for their clients. So, each case is different but the rights are always the same.

    Here's a link to a sample letter that will be helpful for an initial dispute:

    Good luck and remember: it's your rights you're fighting for!

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  • Is
    I sue debt collectors Nov 18, 2009

    You stop these calls by filing a lawsuit. If they will not verify the debt after you ask they are never supposed to contact you again. It is a good idea to save the phone messages and ALL letters you have sent or received on the matter. Tape your phone call also, and advise the collection caller that "this call is being recorded for quality assurance." That should cut some of the rudeness.

    If you feel like suing and getting some $ damages, contact me at [email protected]

    Remember, you only have one year to file suit against a collection for violation of the FDCPA.

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  • Ex
    Exp. Collector Nov 05, 2009

    Haha, you people need to read over the FDCPA-Fair debt collection practices act. It will explain CLEARLY why most of you are so so wrong in your ###-umptions. They wont disclose information regarding the debt without you first proving its you they are seeking to PROTECT the identity and security of the account they are working on. Ive done collections for almost 5 years now and have an extremely good handle on how this works. And to those of you who think they are just randomly reporting on your credit, laughs at you guys and gals. And some of you stating you closed out the account long ago that they are trying to collect on is no fault of the collection agency itself, its the company not communicating to them that the account has been paid, so dont point fingers unless you understand the system of collections of ALL types of debt. And for those of you who know absolutely nothing about CCA let me clarrify for you. CCA stand for Collection Company of American, no known as EOS-CCA. They handle multiple typle of accounts, such as Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, and student loans which they are contracted by the US department of education directly to handle. So please people, educate yourselves before you make an ### out of yourself. Also, those of you who are being contacted about student loans, make sure you didnt co-sign or sign on a parent plus loan through your childrens school, because you ARE held accountable for these. And to the lady ### about not passing on the message to your daughter, you are hurting her not helping her. Being that she is in Iraq is a legitimate reason for her being unable to pay at the moment, but its something she needs to know about or her credit is going to be ruined. Student loans are federally backed, thus not dischargable by any statutes of limitation and will stay with you forever. And they wont give you any information regarding your daughters debt because for all they know you could be someone who recieved that phone number through re-circulation of phone numbers from the phone company, and disclosing information to you could comprimise your daughters social security number and a variety of other things you dont want floating around. Dont be naive people, if they have an account of yours, they already have your phone number, social security number ( at least the one tied to the account), and most of the time your address, so stop playing tough guy and try to talk to them. Most of the time even if you cant pay the debt they will be willing to set something up with you, but dont quote me because its based on a number of factors and the actual company collecting on the bill.

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  • Jb
    jbritan Nov 01, 2009

    Im like the rest apparently i owe XM 43.84 only because my credit card had changed but when CCA called me they said i couldnt call XM due to they are in charge of it now. i dont have a problem paying it but i just want to know if they put it on your credit and are they legit. please some one help me get the answer im looking for . i dont want to get ripped off

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  • Cc
    ccafraudartists Oct 12, 2009

    In January of 09 i paid cca the amount of 972.00 that i knew i owed. Its October of 09 and now att has turned the account over to another collection agency. CCA claims they never received any monies towards the account. I went to my bank and faxed them copies of all the electronic transaction. Its three weeks later and when i called them to see if they had it lined out yet they said my account still shows a zero balance towards payment. Funny thing is on my credit report they have it listed as settled. I called att and they are agreed that with all my documentation someone better come up with the money! My bank sent cca copies of the entire transaction even cca bank numbers and transaction codes. But they still cant account for the 972.00 and att is still after me! If thats not fraud then i dont know what more proof someone needs!

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  • Mr
    MRSRLK Oct 04, 2009




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  • Np
    N.Pheldge Sep 14, 2009

    An eye for an eye...why not give back the same ### we receive...a Senior VP-Sales, behind this stuff is listed below: Have fun

    Timothy D Powell
    39 Maple St
    Kingston, MA [protected]

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  • De
    Debt Dodgers Aug 26, 2009

    If a collection company doesnt give its information its because of the laws that were set up to protect your privacy. They must verify who they are talking to And dear old mom and dad do not have the right to know there adult kids business. Yes there are mistakes but that file was given to the collection agency by the business who contracted them.Pay your bills Deadbeats

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  • Ro
    ROBERT666 Aug 22, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "You debtors are the same.. Step into reality and pay our bills, and stop making up lies why you shouldnt! -Or have you been so crooked, for so long, you now believe your own lies!?"

    Rob D, your an idiot... For every debtor that gets a bill from CCA, another one gets a false bill from CCA. CCA deals with AT&T, and AT&T have a history of NOT fixing accounts, not updating accounts, not updating payments, not updating credits. And AT&T will send an account with a zero balance to collections because they did not do the accounting right.

    Now I have to waste my time, and listen to losers like you tell me I am a low life lier, when what I said has always been fact, and AT&T is the problem so along with CCA, they assume the customer is the one to blame.

    AT&T cannot find their way out of a wet paper bag, how dare you assume they are right on their accounts when facts prove they are wrong 49.9% of the time.

    CCA employs losers who are rude, maybe due to dealing with that 51.1% of bad debtors but one should not assume the company who sold the account is not without errors, as it is more likely they are trying to double dip and get paid twice not on purpose most of the time, usually due to the ignorance shared between them and CCA

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  • Mo
    moshin Aug 21, 2009

    I got a message from them and so I haven't dealt with them yet. But I've been dealing with scammers like them for a while now, and the best thing I've done is once I get their address and their "reference number" I send a letter requesting a copy of the original invoice that shows that I have a past due amount to prove my debt. I send it by certified mail and save the receipt. (I also save the file on my computer.)

    So far, 5 different letters sent, 0 responses, and 0 stuff on my credit report and 0 follow-up letter or calls.

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  • 76
    768b4cca Aug 07, 2009

    I also am experiencing the CCA hell. I screen my phone calls so there may have been some attempt by phone to contact me. There were some messages on the machine that said they wanted me to call regaurding a debt but over the last two years there have been half a dozen calls for people with the same last name as me so I never returned the call. No I find out the ### put a unpaid debt on my credit report. I recieved nothing in the mail and have no recolection of a bill from anybody in the amount listed. This is the first blemish in30 years on my credit. I am not happy. After reading all this here I don't look foreward to talking to CCA and I suspect the charges are a mistake or something even more sinister. I have written the state atty. general. Good luck to all above except probable CCA employee RYAN H.

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  • Fr
    fraudfinder79 Aug 07, 2009

    I just got a letter from cca saying I owe the US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION $7801.52. There is NO WAY I owe them this money cause I've been paying on this loan for the past 3-4 years now. I called the US DEPT. OF EDU and they told me I'm not in default on my loans with them and should not be getting this letter from CCA. My only concern is this collection company will notify the credit report companies and screw up my score. Who do I need to contact now to get this company in trouble for fraud and to make sure they didn't screw up my credit report?

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  • Ro
    Rob D Jun 21, 2009

    You debtors are the same.. Step into reality and pay our bills, and stop making up lies why you shouldnt! -Or have you been so crooked, for so long, you now believe your own lies!?

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