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[Resolved] Captain D's / wrongful termination

Ta Feb 25, 2019 Review updated:

My name is tamika lucky, rn, and I am the aunt of nashiyah nyree johnson, whom had been employed by your company for more than 1 year. She was wrongfully terminated last week due to a rude customer harassing her 2 consecutive days due to personal reasons unrelated to the job. My niece is a minor and this lady is an adult. The customer had visited the drive thru a day prior to her returning a 2 nd time but this time, she entered the store in a threatening manner when the local law enforcement should have been called. The customer was upset because she "claims" nashiyah had a bad attitude and would not open up her sandwich to see if the cook put tartar sauce on it. Nashiyah informed her of the infection control policy and asked the lady if she would look and then she could inform the cook if it was not prepared as she had requested. The adult began cursing and threatening my niece. The manager on duty was not present to witness what actually happened and later came out to assess the situation but ended up gossiping with the customer about my niece and her personal life. Nashiyah was not given the opportunity to explain to crystal miller what took place nor was she interested. Nashiyah has never been reprimanded her entire employment with captain d's and for her to lose her job because she is a young pregnant teen is very discriminating and mind bothering. Nashiyah did not deserve such action to be taken against her. The manager lied that she overheard nashiyah speaking with an attitude to the customer when she was not even present to know what took place. Crystal stated it was policy to let her go but is it also company policy for any employee/management to be under the influence of drugs? How can one enforce a policy without the proper steps being taken prior to someone losing his or her job? If ms. Crystal miller wants to abide by policy then she needs to request to be tested for street drugs and have herself removed. I will be contacting an attorney regarding this matter. I am deeply saddened that higher management would authorize someone to rid a person whom has never caused any problems on her job. That particular customer is a liar and should've been removed from the premises by the police for threatening a child/employee. Employees don't deserve to feel unsafe on his or her job. I am irate how things were handled!

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Updated by Tamika Lucky, Feb 25, 2019

    Please check your spelling and subject verb agreement prior to posting, BenchBoy! Anyway, thanks for providing additional info to help my legal case. There is no need to hide behind a fictitious name because I listed mine with no problem at all because I am a professional and by no means fear none. We all make decisions in our personal lives that may benefit or hinder us and the one Nashiyah made was like the one your mother probably did, I'm sure. The old saying is, "A hit dog will do what, hollar?" Nashiyah is engaged to be married and has a prominent future ahead of her in college. Do your research to see how many successful people became pregnant at an age otggrr than 30 and still living a blessed life as she is. People are only offended when they have been exposed. When someone speaks the untruth it does not bother me nor my family members. We are honest people and will continue to be that way. Things will be resolved in court.

  • Captain D's Customer Care's Response, Mar 01, 2019

    Hello, Thank you for contacting Captain D's. This has been forwarded to the owner of this location.

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  • Be
      25th of Feb, 2019

    You are only getting her side of the story. You do not know what really happened. Maybe your niece did have a bad attitude. I am sure that you would believe anything that she tells you. You have no proof that she was being discriminated because she is pregnant. You act like she is a mature responsible person. If this were the case she would not have gotten herself pregnant. Also how do you know that she was never reprimanded? Because she told you? You have no proof that she lost her job because she is a pregnant teen. No wonder your niece did not keep her job. She has a poor immature rule model. Before you contact an attorney maybe you should get both sides of the story and sit your niece down and have her tell the truth. Obviously she is not telling the truth. Also getting pregnant while she is a teenager how responsible is that. She is nothing but a s1ut. Maybe if you did a better job of taking care of her she would not be pregnant. Hope she gives the baby up for adoption, because it looks like neither you nor hare are capable of taking care of a child.

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  • Na
      25th of Feb, 2019

    @BEnchboy Leave my aunt alone beach boy. That customer was nothing but a old hag that was rude to me. i could not open up her sandwich and because of infection issues okay so I said no. Then she got rude to me and the manageer did not hear that. But when i got mad back at her and said if i ever served her again that I would spit in her food she started threatening me. she said that i am undicciplined and need a good spanking and whipping, that we kids are spoiled today. The manager did not hear her threaten to spank and whip me and my coworkers said she never said that only that my parents did not diccipline me. They should have called the police when she said that i needed a spanking and whipping.

    Also I was not under the fluence of drugs. I was taking cauff medicne because I have a cauff. But I took more syrup than they said to take because it makes me feel good and they said that is what made it seen like I am under the fluence.

    Their side of the story is lies because when that rude old hag threatened to spank me and whip me they did nothing. She said that I won't last wrong and threatened to have me fired. The only time the manager came out was when i said that i would spit in her food when she came in next if i were serving her.

    Also Crystal is so ugly that she is probably a meth head and she should be tested for drugs. They said I was hi on cauff syrup and that is why I was fluenced by drugs.

    Crystal is stupid and she has no children because she is a big ugly loser that no man wants.

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  • Na
      25th of Feb, 2019

    Oh the manager did not over hear the whole talk. She did not hear her say she would spank and whip me. she only heard me say i would spit in her food. and call her an ugly old hag. She is an ugly old hag so I am not lying. She is like 30. The other workers said that I was rude to her and that i have attitude and that I gavve them attitude. I am being discriminated against because I am pregnaent . That loser Crystal is discriminating against me and so is everyone. I hate them all and I will have my aunt sue them and they will shut the restaurant down and Crystal and all those other losers will be eating from the garbage becase they won't have money and will be homeless. Same with that old hag that threatened to spank and whip me. She will be chared with assault and live on the streets because we will sue her so mych that she has no money for foood.

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