Captain D'sthe service.

S Dec 26, 2019

I pulled into the parking lot at 7:12, I left the parking lot at 7:48. 23 minute wait before I even places my order, & the rest of that time spent at the window waiting for my food. The "battered fish" wasn't battered, & looked like fish strips. The hushpuppies were squishy and dropped grease. The fish had been cooked hrs before. I can tell because I've worked in the food business for 20+ yrs, and the ends were discolored & looked & felt like hard rubber. Side & hushpuppies missing from deluxe seafood order. Girls inside were eating, with their fingers handling my food without washing their hands. This was the most awful experience I've ever had with a drive thru, and $35.00 went into the garbage can. Very disappointing.

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