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A Dec 03, 2019

I made an order online dated November 21, 2019 where I bought Shark robot vacuum ION 720 and the order was ready to be picked up in the same day (first picture). I received a reminder Saturday November 29 stating that my order need to be picked up within 4 days otherwise it will be cancelled and refunded.

I went to pick it up- yesterday- Monday December 1st 2019 to discover that it is cancelled ( 2 days before the due date) and refunded.

I talked to the in duty manager at Canadian tire in 1125 Wellington road south, London, ON. That there is one in stock and that error is not my problem and I want to buy the product again with the same deal he said that he and his branch is not what communicate with me and I have to call the customer service for online purchases. Adding to this the manager was rude and very offensive to me.
I Talked to Natalie in customer service and she stated that they don't have the right to cancel my purchase before the 14 days period especially if I have an email saying that I still have four days. She tried to talk to the manager in the same store and they refuse to give me the same deal saying they will accept to give it for $350 instead of $200.

To solve this problem, I want the same branch to prepare the same item with the same deal for me. Or a rain check for the same device with the same price. I don't want a refund to be a solution.
The pictures provided has the order number and details for the purchase.

By December 17th if I didn't get a solution for this problem I will complain to the government under the customer protection act.
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My phone number: [protected]
Arwa Zourob

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