Canadian Tireadditional procedures done without permission

Da Sep 29, 2019 BC

On September 29th, I went to Candian Tire to change the tires of my car to winter tires. In the temporary invoice, the employee, Mr. Amit, tagged on additional charges of $129.99 for re-alignment. I had declined the offer after some thought and before the work had begun. I paid the full bill as not to cause conflict but, I seek a full refund of the $129.99 I had paid for a re-alignment that I did not need.

Moreover, he threatened that he will remove the tires that he fixed. I replied, "No. I will pay for that". From my past encounters with Candian Tire, I had a rather positive perception of the company but, this experience was not pleasant.

INVOICE NUMBER: [protected]
Store Code: 0678

I look forward to the resolution of this problem.

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