Canadian Tireautomotive

K Oct 09, 2019

I went into the automotive section looking for a replacement fuse. After much time looking around and no one around to help I finally find it on my own. 300 fuses to pick from and none look like the one I have. I grab the one that looks closest to it and walk up to the counter. I simply ask the lady if this fuse looks like the old one I have on me. RUDELY she quickly tells me "I'm not a electrician, so I can't help you. ELECTRICIAN!!! I'm at the front desk for auto-motives with a auto-motive part. So I tell I don't know if this will work and she continues to look at me like I'm an idiot while slowly walk away saying "I don't know if this is the damn part!!"
Long story short, [censored] Canadian Tires stupid auto-motive section. All she had to do was look at the damn part and tell me if it was the same.

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