CanadaVet.comrevolution anti-flea medication for cats

M Nov 06, 2019

They charged me $124.63 CAD, of which $7.91 CAD was for shipping and handling. Now that I got the item, I see that the declared customs value is $70 AUD, and on the CBSA form it was calculated as $68.31. Not only I was overcharged by them in almost double the price, I ended up paying $18.15 CAD in import fee, meaning your overcharging did not even include pre-collection of taxes.

Contacted the customer service, they blamed postal strikes and said "As far as the declared value, unfortunately, we don't have the resources to change the amount so we receive the pre-printed stickers with that amount on them from our couriers." PRE-PRINTED STICKERS THAT THEY CAN'T CHANGE... such nonesense. I have photos of my receipts, the packaging and the customs form + the email, if anyone needs proof.

Canadians beware, this operation has only a P.O box and sells to Canadian customers out of Australia, and lies to customers and the customs agencies and revenue agencies of both Canada and Australia in terms of the money they collect from customers.

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