Camping Worldinstallation of safe t plus steering control unit

We purchased the Safe T Plus steering control unit for our Thor Windsport. After the install at the Camping World in Berkley, MA we had to bring the unit back because the steering was even worse, it pulled significantly to the left. When we picked it up the 2nd time we were told that they adjusted it & test drove & it was all good. It no longer pulled to the left but we also didn't notice a big change in the handling of the RV.
When we took the RV to a different service center, not a Camping World, for a front end alignment we were informed that there was no Safe T Plus unit installed. The brackets were there but nothing else. We can only assume that instead of adjusting the Safe T Plus Camping World removed it.
I called Camping World & talked to a service tech who told me they have not documentation that it was removed. I left several messages for the service manager but have yet to get a call back.

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