Camping World North Charleston, SCterrible service and rip off sales

N N Charleston, SC Review updated:

Purchased 2006 Gulf Stream from Camping World, N. Charleston in December of 2008. We've had to take in in for warranty work twice and each time they have kept it 3 to 4 weeks. We're talking simple repairs here. This time we were told we could have it back in two weeks, but they are waiting for a simple A/C part which is taking three weeks (so far) to get in.
Each time we go we are greeted by really nice people, but they don't get the job done. The workmanship is terrible; it takes two or three walk-throughs before they get it right.
When we bought the RV, we were told by the finance manager, Chris, that (for paperwork's sake) they would add $5000 to the price and add $5000 to our deposit (we would come out even. They actually added $10, 000 to the price. We're paying $5000 more than the sales price. Pay attention to paperwork and not what they say they're going to do.
They lie for a sale. They promise things they don't deliver on. They smile in your face while sticking you in the back.
The only time we've had any satisfaction with them is when we made a complaint to the corporate office. The corporate office faxed them the complaint, then they tried to make amends, but we still ending up with time and financial lose.
BUYER BE WARE! Watch your pocketbook and repairs.


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      Mar 06, 2019

    First of all, none of the campers were unlocked. Was told since the weather looked overcast, they don't unlock them.
    Was asked which "one" I want to see. I said "all of them" as I was trying to find a floor plan that I liked. It's kind of hard to sale a camper when all the doors are locked, isn't it? Anyway, the salesman was an arrogant [censored]. We looked at some of the campers and he explained some things I didn't know. Then he asked me how much my truck towed and I told him around 11, 000 pounds. He said, no way and laughed. I told him that's what's written on the paperwork and I intentionally got a truck that had good towing capacity. I repeated, that's what's on the truck. He said, No way! You think what you want to think and laughed again. He needs to do his due diligence before he opens his big mouth. And that is no way to speak to possible customer. Not any more. I will take my business elsewhere.

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