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I used to enjoy Campbell's Tomato Soup many years ago. It has been 15 or 20 years since I had a can of tomato soup. I found some tomato soup on sale and bought a can to enjoy with a sandwich. I was very surprised to find the soup had been sweetened so much that it was not very good. Please consider removing the sugar and going back to a standard tomato soup recipe. Thank you

  • Updated by Randall Rigsby · Feb 13, 2020

    I had not tried Campbell's Tomato Soup for many years and decided to try one when I found it on sale. I was very disappointed to find that the soup had a very sweet taste. When did Campbell's start adding a significant amount of sugar to the Tomato soup? Please go back to the formula that I remember from years ago. Thank you.

  • Updated by Randall Rigsby · Feb 15, 2020

    How about them making a tomato soup that tastes good without so much sugar? Is that too much to ask?


  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 15, 2020

    things have now been added to soups and other canned/boxed goods because of shelf life problems. you could try watering it down a little. or they make healthier options now... low sodium... that kind of thing.

    your tastebuds could have also changed.

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  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 15, 2020

    Really? I'm being nice here! How bout you realize that tomato soup in and of itself is vile? Never understood the hype if it.

    What I posted I'd the truth about historical things we've been eating for years. Ever had a Twinkie? Have one now. It is NOT the way you remember it. It's all to do with what is available to make these things.

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  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 15, 2020

    You do realize this is an anonymous message board, right! Campbell's has no idea this site even exists.

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