Cafe Coffee Dayunethical behaviour by the staff

A Sep 04, 2018

Hello sir/ma'am

I'm a student of amity university, haryana. I'd like to complain about the indecent behaviour by the staff. The incident happened today i.e. 4th september, 2018. Around 9:30 p.M. The ccd over here was about to close, and manager asked everyone in the cafe to leave as it was closing. He switched off all the lights of the cafe. As I was packing my stuff to leave, one of the staff members came towards me and muttered something. When I asked him again that what did he say, he made expressions and gestures with his hand looking with a weird smile and said you're looking very nice and he said that to me twice. He was continuously staring at me. When my friend came close and asked what happened, he said nothing sir I was just saying that ccd is being closed.

Ccd for us is a place to go out and chill and such indecent behaviour is not acceptable. I'd like you to take some action against it.

Thank you

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