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Terrible dealership! Act like they want to help you and they give a damn...I purchased a 2004 Kia Sedona 2/16/2011 and 3 weeks later my engine light is on because catalytic converter is out, barrings bad, struts bad, car shifts incorrectly, car struggles to start, tires are bad, radio turns it's self up, the third row doesn't slide forward, when you put the car in drive it takes a minute to's actually pretty depressing now because I'm stuck in a contract for 3 years of payments :( and I've called and complained, been brushes off, told they will only cover engine parts in the 15 day/500 mile of a joke warranty which ran out 3 days after I purchased...the engine light came on the day after purchase. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND CACTUS JACKS IN MESA ON COUNTRY CLUB TO MY WORSE ENEMY! I even talked to Chicago finance ( their finance company) and a [censored] named Daniel told me, "you should have figured that out when u test drove it!" Now ain't that nothing, I've tried to get the main office and they keep giving me the run around and not giving me the number, so I tried being nice CACTUS JACKS! I'm filing a lemon lawsuit, reporting you to the BBB, complaining here, reporting to 3 on your side and any where else I can find...all I wanted these jerks to do is take this mon reliable car back and give me my $1000 deposit back...Now it's too late to apologize and I'm going for whatever I can get, because I have 3 small kids that ride in this death trap everyday and they can't give me the courtesy to say, "IM WRONG & WE'LL TAKE IT BACK! they take advantage of ppl with bad credit because we don't have many choices for finance and they know that...and on top of it all they have the nerve to be mad that I dont want to pay the other $300 for the deposit, when in the first place I said all I got to give is $1000...They set me up from the beginning...remember you reap what you sew, so JUST SAY NO TO SCANDALOUS CACTUS JACKS!

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Jun 08, 2022 7:47 pm EDT

Bought a 2010 mustang a month and two weeks later the car needed a new transmission. After notifying the Manager he asked me to bring the car to get checked. He said because I drove the car there that it over heated. The manager was the one to tell me to bring the car to get checked never did he say tow the car to the dealership. I have a warranty with Cactus Jack but they refuse to fix my car unless I pay $4,000 to get a new transmission. I contacted the news today so they can let the public know what scammers they are.

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Apr 22, 2013 4:30 pm EDT

Hi I have a similar problem with my 04 Kia Spectra. I was wondering how it worked out for you & if I should known anything I'll have to deal with ahead of time.


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