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Reviews and Complaints


Very disappointed in the brick. I have made many purchases at the brick and there sofas are the worst. I purchased my first sofa in 2016 and less than a year later it started falling apart springs were popping through and cushions were caving in. We replaced that sofa with a new sofa a totally different one and 1.5 years later the same thing is happening. My new hardwood floors are all scratched from the springs digging in. Customer service is a joke. They said nothing can be done sorry about your problem. What. disgusting way to treat customers. Ikea furniture lasts longer than this. U should not replace your couch every 2 years when it costs over a thousand dollars.


The Brick

recliners and shoe closet

They have a horrible service - customer service and delivery guys have no patience whatsoever . They told us that they will be delivering from 12:30 till 3:30 but didn't get the call . When they arrive around 2 they ask us to put the elevator in service so that they can move the stuff we went back and try to talk to superintendent and came back within 5 min . The delivery people already left and they told us that they don't have time for today I'm cancelling the order today . Don't like there services especially delivery services and sales service looks like they don't talk to each other . My address clearly says that it's an apartment . They never mentioned that we have to get the elevator in service . So unprofessional . I'm gonna escalate this matter . These store should close down

fail to deliver

On the 31st of August 2008 I purchased a bedroom set for $4000. The salesperson assured me that paying the whole amount will secure the inventory and that I will receive the furniture on time.
The salesperson checked the store computerized system and told me that the bed and mattress are present and after payment they will be held for me. This was important for me since I was moving my family to a new house and had no bed to sleep on. That was 4 weeks before delivery.

On Friday afternoon, Five days before the delivery I received a phone call from "The Brick" customer service saying the some items are missing and that I should come over and collect the items that are there.

The missing items were the bed, spring box, mattress and side tables.
When I asked how come the "secured" inventory is missing the customer service representative said "we cannot guarantee the inventory" and that the salesperson cannot secure the inventory.
When I mentioned that I payed for delivery she said that I will be delivered the items that they have and that the salesperson will call me. He didn't call.

On the next day I called and asked to speak with the salesperson. He was surprised to hear that the bed set is missing and told me that some other salesperson canceled my (fully paid) order, took the bed set and changed my order status to pending. He offered to send me a lower-end matters with a metal-base for a month until my (paid in full) order will be ready.

After giving it some thought I decided to cancel the whole deal.
It took me 7 hours and 10 phone calls to cancel the deal. The last person I spoke with was the store manager who agreed to cancel the payment and return me my money.
On the next day I called "Visa" and realized the deal was not canceled.
I had to call again and after 2 hours of waiting customer service managed to cancel the deal.


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    THEBRICK Aug 24, 2009

    Customer service is the worst I have ever had... dealing with a "brand-new" ripped sofa for more than 6 months and no solution yet.
    Everyone at the Vaughan Store are incompetens since Customer Service Representatives, Manager's (Avilio Santos, Ihab Chakra and the entire staff)

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