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Burger King - Chicken sandwiches

I understand that people get busy and mistakes get made, but I went to the local Burger King drive thru last time. We were the ONLY vehicle/customer there. The wait wasn’t terrible- that’s not my complaint. We asked for whoppers and we’re told there was no meat available. So we reluctantly ordered chicken sandwiches. Got home starving and opened both sandwiches to realize that the buns were burnt beyond edible. Black as black can be. After spending what I consider rediculous “fast food” prices, I still expect to get quality food. This isn’t a $10 burger anymore. I had to throw out both sandwiches half way through. I have pictures to prove my case. The order was 2x #10 combos (CMM Chicken BC) and poutines. Total order was $38. Both sandwiches didn’t come with tomatoes either

Desired outcome: $50 credit would be sufficient or total refund

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4:46 pm EDT

Burger King - Burger King in Peterborough Ontario

I was there on June 21 approx 6 p.m. There was a man sitting on the soda fountain counter. He would be about 25 - 30 yrs of age... I asked the staff to ask him to get off the counter as it is not sanitary because we get our drinks there. When I got up to place my order I complained again... She went and summoned the manager. She came out and said he was not harming anything by siting there. I explained how unsanitary it was, and sure the department of health would not allow it. She said he is not harming anything there. I thought, this is terrible. so My husband and I walked out and will not be back. Usually another couple and us meet there every Wed. but no more. We will find another place to eat. I s this what you allow your franchises to be so disrespectful to health guidelines...


Doreen Jones

Desired outcome: The restaurant be spoken to and the manager be fired for allowing it...

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Howard Radford
, US
Jun 28, 2023 7:19 pm EDT

No such health guideline. It's odd to sit on counters and its unsanitary but it's not a health code violation. I think the only reason it's not a violation is because it's not common enough to actually make it a violation and until health department makes it a violation it's hard to dictate to customers not to sit on counters.

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