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Reviews and Complaints

profiling and physically attacking a customer

Dear Hiring Manager,

This evening while browsing through your store three men were looking through the cologne section. After being approached multiple times within a matter of moments by a single staff member asking if the needed help and demanding to take their products to the cash for them, the man holding the gift set had it snatched and removed from his hand by the woman who then started shouting that the customers were rude and that they had to leave the store.

After reviewing video footage of the incident it is very clear that the woman has a prejudice towards people dressing a specific way, and not only verbally assaulted customers based on their appearance but also physically assaulted one of them. This incident is a clear violation of The Canadian Charter of Rights, section 15 as well as a breach of Shoppers Drug Mart Employee Polices.

Last year The Human Rights Legal Support Centre secures almost $3 million in financial compensation for Ontarians who were discriminated against in a variety of cases ranging from a disabled woman tormented by a landlord to a car lease holder called a "cheating..typical Indian."

As previously stated, video footage was obtained as well as store footage being accessible via court proceedings if necessary.
I hope that the owners and management can make right by this incident immediately or we will be put into a position of having to seek further legal counsel and media outlets regarding this gross violation of human rights.

Mrs. Brianna A. Bell

  • Updated by Brianna1205 ยท Oct 12, 2019

    Unless you are looking to handle the issue than I suggest you save your breath. The three men took their merchandise to another till and completed their transaction after calmly walking away from a racist old woman who is mad she doesn’t have a pension and still has to work midnights at shoppers drug mart.

  • Ca
    CareyRL Oct 28, 2019

    People blame imaginary slights on racism. People blame mediocre to bad customer service on racism. It's a sad world we live in.

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