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terrible customer service

Twice I have had to deal with a so called manager in this store by the name of Andrea and have had appalling service and attitude from her on both occassions with the latest one being today. We were purchasing an item that had a sign attached to it clearing stating that the cashier would take 50% off the total at the till, when the item scanned at the full price we questioned her on it and she called for this Andrea who then proceeded to tell us that it didn't matter what the sign said they were not going to give the reduced price. I asked her why they don't honor posted signage and she turned and walked away from us without giving an answer. This was the second dealing we have had with her and have had the same result both times, when she is faced with having to give an intelligent answer and make a customer happy she turns and runs. Why this store feels that she is helping to keep customers is beyond me. The Duncan store has just lost a customer who spends over $500. a month.

  • Je
    JesseJ Jul 14, 2009

    The trouble is sad and simple all at the same time. The store on average will do (depending on the area, of course) anywhere from $150, 000 or more in sales a day.. a DAY.. so when somebody comes in saying they spend $500 a month and that they just lost their business- the store laughs.. Some store managers will go out of their way to make sure the costumer leaves happy. some managers dont know how to talk to people. those types of people shouldn't be in a costumer service job.

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  • Na
    Nathan X Aug 28, 2009

    Technically speaking, the tag/sign of the item is only an "invitation to treat". Therefore the store does not have to be responsible for putting the wrong tag. Because all the final decisions are made at the cashier (when the cashier OFFERS the customer a total cost, and the customer ACCEPT the offer).

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  • Se
    seah Sep 21, 2009

    Im a cashier at the superstore and You know what?...Do you really think we really care if u come back?? 99% of the time people "Well I'm never shopping here again/coming back"! but yet the next day or the next week there they are shopping at the REALLY CARES! Most customers who complain just treat us like crap any way so we dont care if u come back...If you say your not coming back then REALLY dont come back!!

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  • Ma
    massim Mar 14, 2010

    Had Made an appointment to take photo's with my two children ages 5 and 3 and had called 2 days prior. We went during our appointment session and Rob from photo studio (Superstore, London ont, on Oxford) couldn't find our names regarding the appointment we had scheduled. He Hummed and awed and completely not my error nor my problem for that matter. Not even 5 minutes has passed and another customer walks in with her two children, and said sorry ma’am since I myself booked in these people weeks ago I'm taking them in first. I was so livid and shocked that he approached me in that manner and didn't even apologize for any inconvenience ignored that fact that I was there with my two children. I asked to speak to a Manager who was completely useless and Rob and I had argued in front of the manager and I looked at the Manager and said "Do you call this customer service"? Of course he was speechless and did nothing to make the situation better. Unbelievable service. Very disgusted with their service and definitely will not shop there or have my photo's taken.

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  • Lo
    lolwtf May 23, 2010

    Stores don't give two [censor] whether you come back or not, most stores make over a million a week, a dozen of you is hardly going to shake that balance.

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  • Wo
    woaaah Apr 29, 2011

    Yeah man I work there too and half the time people are just not nice when it comes to that. And I usually just think, if you aren't going to be calm and atleast try to be friendly, Im not helping you. And you're getting your change in quarters..

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  • Ut
    uttergal May 04, 2011

    FYI -Storebrand Coffee Filters
    Canada Safeway 450 basket filters $5.99
    Wal-Mart 250 " " 2.47
    Superstore 250 " " 5.99

    Guess whose I did not purchase. Please check prices when shopping instead of extra time returning items after. Really sorry I even shop in there, also not very clean!

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  • Me
    [email protected] May 19, 2018

    @uttergal We customers should not have to check the prices and barcode you bratty child. They should not be putting the items in the wrong place.

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  • Em
    EMRIS_JUSTICE May 06, 2011


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  • Me
    [email protected] May 19, 2018

    @EMRIS_JUSTICE People working in retail are bratty children like Paret. They do not deserve to be treated with respect. The customer is always right. So you bratty child, shut up and keep your opinion to yourself. Loser.

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  • Ej
    E. James Sep 09, 2012

    Compared to Save-On and Safeway, Superstore Is a disaster in it's customer service and quality of products. I ended up in a loud argument with the manager et al over the price of cat chow as displayed on the label. The description on the label did not specify that the price related to one of the products and not the others that were on the same shelf and that were made by the same company.
    Apparently I was supposed to be able to read see the bar code or the number (on the lowest shelf), on the labels to see that there was a difference in price. And then, the ensuing argument with the manager, who would not accept any responsibility for the inadequate signage on the shelf. Had the same situation arisen in either Save-on or Safeway, their manager would have defused the conflict in the customer's favor. I have seen both these companies resolve pricing conflicts in such a professional and customer courteous manner. Not so, Superstore. Their managers must be trained to fight customers to the death rather than give up a few dollars. What a terrible attitude! It's not worth the few dollars you might save on a few items by shopping at Superstore. I have had one too many horrible shopping experiences in Superstore.

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  • Ha May 18, 2018

    Sorry parent, you're not right in this case. I myself have seen this time and time again. It's a tactic they use and it's a tricky one. At the Superstore they will have a sign advertising something at a discounted price. The sign will be right where what appears to be the sale product. It will even say (for example), Purina Cat Food at such and such a price. (sale price) Then when you go to pay, it was a different item that was on sale. It's very misleading because the sign will say an item is on sale, only it won't mean the item that is DIRECTLY by the sign. It will mean a different product. What they are doing is putting this sign by a more expensive product so people will buy it. It's not about being "illiterate". Nobody should have to try and read a teeny tiny bar code to make absolutely sure they are getting what is on sale. This is manipulation at it's finest.

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  • Ha May 18, 2018

    But if they are purposely being misleading then they should honor the sale price. That's exactly what they're doing and they know it.

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  • Ha May 18, 2018

    It's not about not being able to read. I'm sure you're smarter than that. They put a for sale sign directly next to the item which appears to be on sale. They even say it's (for example) bag of purina cat food at such and such a price. Again, keep in mind this is advertised right by this product. That's malicious, misleading and you can't expect people to think otherwise. Unless you have very good eyesight, you aren't able to even see the friggin bar code and you shouldn't have too look for it. You should be able to go by the sign. If it's right where the product is and it "means" a different product on a different shelf, then they should put the sign by the product. It isn't hard to understand.

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  • Ha May 19, 2018

    Nobody moves and ENTIRE shelf of items that are right by the sign. You need to get your own eyes checked. I just went and looked at your posts and ALL of the many, many ones that you have written are rude. You are only here to be a troll. No more responses to a naughty little child who has no life. I'm right. You're wrong. End of story. Buh bye.

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  • Me
    [email protected] May 19, 2018

    Do you really think that I care what my parents think. I hate my mother. She called the police on me after I attacked her. You see I needed to borrow some money. I asked her and she said no. I took the money by force and she called the police on me. Then she told me that she disowned me. I told her that is great that I never really loved her anyway. I wish she would die soon.

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  • Ha May 20, 2018

    You've been hacked, dummy.

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  • Ha May 21, 2018

    Did you hear what I said? You've been hacked. Or I've been hacked rather. I came back on here after posting two comments, only to find a whole bunch of mean comments that looked like they were from me, only they weren't. I didn't post any of them. You hear about this sort of stuff happening all the time but never think it will happen to you. First time for me.

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  • Me
    [email protected] May 21, 2018

    If you knew now to read you would see that I made that up because he grounded me. I wanted to get him into trouble. But That above post that you are replying to I never made. I was hacked, or maybe it was you. But I lied about the abuse because he grounded me. But the stupid police saw right through me and wanted to press charges but my father said he would not be filing charges.

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  • Ti
    tirb Jun 24, 2014

    Why do you people shop at stuperstore just dont shop there, boycott them, its really that simple. pay a little more and shop elsewhere trust me I have already I even find walmart customer service better and thats saying something. Safeway iga sobeys save on are light years ahead of all lablows owned stored and superstore, I am in vancouver and I avoid my local grandview highway superstore like the plague.

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  • Re
    Reviewer69382 Feb 27, 2016

    Feb 27th, at 6:18 pm, store 01577, term Z0157714, Slip # 469500, Reg # 14.

    When we approached the cashier, she was reading a magazine. She processed our order and we had to ask for a bag. She continued to read the magazine as we were paying with our debit. I work in retail and I do not believe in customer service like we received tonight. She was more interested in the magazine which should be on the counter for customers to buy and not being read when she is being paid.

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  • Me
    [email protected] May 19, 2018

    @Reviewer69382 Just because you work in retail does not mean that you can treat customers badly. Grow up you bratty child. Stop trolling the site.

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  • Ca
    care giver Nov 26, 2017

    I've always been at the understanding that if they don't give you something at the price advertised, you get your money back in full. It's happened to me twice now at this store and they refunded me the price in total.

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  • Br
    BrenAnn Dec 29, 2019

    I bought a Westinghouse tv on Dec 26 at Wasaga Beach ON store, didn't work so took back the 27th and exchanged it for another one, the customer service gave me copy of a small receipt plus gave me back the original receipt with price on it, got 2nd tv home and did not work either, took it back on the 28th to get money back and was told I couldn't get money back cause I did not have original receipt, we told customer service that is what was given to us from the girl working on the 27th, they said that it was not original and was our problem not theirs that we did not have original, It was the original cause it was folded in my purse, I do not appreciate being told the receipt I had was not original when I knew it was, so basically told I was lying and it was my fault they did not give me the so called original, so I could either exchange for a 3rd tv or get gift receipts, which I did not want either, I just wanted to get my money back and go else where, so I had no choice but to take a tv I didn't even want anymore and was smaller than the first 2 I tried to buy but the only one that was the same price as first 2 tv's. I will never buy from that store again, the customer service was so disgusting to even talk to!!!

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