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Reviews and Complaints

Tim Hortonsstaff

Your staff is incredibly undertrained and rude.

1) I was the only one in line and this staff named Amandeep screamed and rushed me to go to her tilt. Getting there she started talking to another staff and completely ignored me.

2)after the other staff told her to take my order, she tried to rush me out not fully listening to my order which I had to correct her several times, i.e. DOUBLE toasted, farmers breakfast wrap, etc. In the middle of it she just ran out and let me talking by myself which again prompted another staff to tell her to take my order.

3)She came back and prompted me to pay without me finishing my order.

4)instead of giving me my coffee and the loaf right away like they usually do, she gave me the loaf in yhr middle of the section, not where they usually run the food. Which now got me confused so I didn't know where to get my coffee and she gave me it in a completely different place forcing me to walk back and forth.

5)she delivered my food on the other side of the coffee shop, which by the time I got there another person took it which caused me to have to argue with this other customer that it was my order, she called Carlos which is my name. Absolutely 0 support from staff.

This is unbelievable bad for a company like Tim Hortons. I expect more from you.