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Canadian Tire - Manager, Ray at Castlegar Canadian Tire

If I could give this store zero stars, I would. After decades of frequenting the Castlegar Canadian Tire store, and after thousands of dollars worth of purchases over the years, I will probably never go there again.

Last week I went in with my son to look at lego and knives, a pretty normal everyday, and usually uneventful, shopping trip for a father and son. However, that day things were far from everyday.

A few minutes after our arrival, we were swarmed by four male members of staff, including the manager, Ray, and ordered out of the store. Not even given a chance to enquiry as to why. Just order out. Halfway to the front of the store, while having my personal space invade, the manager, Ray, he finally told me why we were being ejected. I had a backpack.

After I explained that my car was in the shop and that a backpack made the most sense for me to pack heavy groceries etc. home, and after I pointed out other customers with backpacks, rather than treating me like a person, or even just a good customer, Ray kept walking at me and repeating that I needed to leave.

Later at the front if the store he called the RCMP, and told me I could wait there and they would escort me out.

I waited, and while I did I saw a friend. She also had a backpack. I asked her if she thought it was fair that the stores policy (only just pointed out to me) was fair, seeing how it didn't seem to be equilateral enforced. Before she could answer, the manager, Ray, lept in between us (this is all shown on the CT cameras and reviewed by the RCMP) and pushed me back. When I took out my phone to check the time, Ray then grabbed it, pushed me again, and then attempted to snatch my glasses off my face, saying that I didn't need them and that they were a disguise (I have one darkened lens due to an eye injury.

When thr RCMP arrived I explained what had happened and that I felt threatened and was physically pushed.

Later, I called corporate Canadian Tire and made a formal complaint.

I do not expect anything will come of this. And I strongly believe that I was profiled and targeted by Ray and his staff at Castlegar Canadian Tire, because I have a bit of a scruffy appearance and odd-looking glasses. Why else would I be treated like a criminal while others at the same time with backpacks like mine, shopped freely without a swat team of red shirts descending on them.

So, be warned. Leave your backpack at home or prepare for the corporate tire to roll right over you.

Desired outcome: Apology letter or email from Ray and corporate.

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8:24 pm EDT
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Canadian Tire - Disrespectful teller along with customer service taking tellers side with no respect to customer.

I believe the time was about 3:30 pm. July 1st. 2023. I went to purchase a ball reciever for my crv. I asked the clerk to put it under my phone number for my points. She says "you can't do that", I said, "Yes, you can, I do that every time I buy something." She is adamant and very sure of herself with no concern for me, the customer, she sends me to customer service where immediately they call in the Supervisor. Yes it's hot out and I'm 70 years old and I called the teller an idiot, which I still believe she is. Either that or she has been poorly trained. Now I have the Supervisor and Customer Service condemning me for the idiot comment and doing nothing about the teller who is still making faces and telling me sarcastically to "have a nice day". This is not the only time I have had attitude at this Canadian Tire location. I know it my be hard to find employees these days but if this is how my shopping experience will be at Canadian Tire I won't hesitate to do business on-line instead


Gary Crombie

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