Phishing Complaints

Hacked Email / fake phishing message. do not trust!

on Feb 20, 2019

Hacked EmailIf you received a message with the following text, do not trust it, it's total fake! Hi, this account is hacked! Change the password this time! You may not heard about me and you may be definitely wanting to know for what reason you are getting this letter, is it right? I am a hacker who...

ANTI PR [email protected] / scammer! beware!

on Jan 14, 2019

Do not make any deals, or send any money to "ANTI PR" . The person behind this email address is a scammer! You will be offered the removal of the complaints for money. The payments are made using Bitcoin. Do not send any money, this is fraud! ANTI PR anti-pr protonmail com

Fake job offer on behalf of ExxonMobil Oil and Gas, UK / scam job offer

on Feb 6, 2019

I received a job offer by email on 5 February 2019, from a woman who identifies herself as Eng. Diane Genninger, Human Resources Relation Officer at ExxonMobil UK, and asking for travel to United Kingdom for a face-to-face interview. In addition to, the e-mail attachments are consist of a...

Federal Trade Commission / fraud email about 1) violation of federal banking regulation 2) collateral check fraud 3) theft by deception

on Jan 1, 2019

Federal Trade CommissionI recieved an email and this is what it stated (I did put x's blocking my last name and social but it was all in the email): Hello leandra lxxxxxx Case No: CS-55333 After receiving this email we will issue a legal warrant on your name within next couple of hours so before you do anything read...

walmartrewardspopups / popups on ios from walmartrewardspopups. ooo and three others

on Dec 8, 2018

Only in this site, on iPad, popups redirect to .ooo spam sites. iOS doesn't get exploited or viruses. I'll try Windows tomorrow to determine the source. Source code can tell you what you need to know. If you have the popup issue, please post your OS. I'm trying to see if...

GCash / complaint

on Sep 23, 2018

I received a confirmation of Gcash even if I did not sign up for it. Called customer service to report but was transferred to an endless number that no one answers. How come a registration was confirmed to my mobile phone even if I don't register for this service nor having any...

Fake Kendra Scott Website / fraud!!!

on Sep 18, 2018

Fake Kendra Scott WebsiteI bought a $30 Kendra Scott necklace, that I saw an ad about on instagram. It said the necklace was 70% of and so I bought one. It has been 3 months since I bought the necklace. And I have emailed the company, stating that I never received my necklace. So I emailed the company back and...

The doctor network / they keep calling about benefits I already have.

on Aug 8, 2018

I have talked to them twice and asked them what insurance I had. They had no idea but they think I'm on a PPO. Which I am, they are scammers. Don't give them any information. They don't know anything and only go off the information you provide to them. They state they can help you...

Central States USA / online contests to win $1000 gift cards

on Jul 30, 2018

I keep getting popup from these people wanting me to fill out forms to win $1000 gift card from wal-mart. Same people, similar form info, but you " pick one' to get $1000 gift card, samsung phone, or another brand of phone from amazon. They are annoying & obnoxious & prevent me from getting...

Helpfory and assistgray / spam

on Mar 16, 2018

I am constantly being spammed and sent disgusting emails. I have tried unsubscribing over and over again and it won't stop. Worst offenders are: Sidet Presearch 4924 Balboa Blvd #482, Encino, CA 91316 - [protected] Unsubscribe requests go to and say unsubscribe ha...

Hugh Grant / instagram

on Dec 7, 2017

There's a pretender that is using actor Hugh Grant's name sake on line. He uses the email hugh_ [protected], and joins LinkedIn as though he were the actual actor. He asks for money to be sent to family members he supposedly can't pay at the moment. He tries to con people with the...

Gay-media-forum* [email protected] / I keep getting emails from these people but cannot unsubscribe because there is no where to click to unsubscribe

on Dec 7, 2017

This is all the information I have about this site, and I don't know the location or anything else. This is all I know. I never registered with this site, however, this is the message I keep getting from these people: *Gay-media-forum* [protected]

Tactical Gagets / unauthorized credit card charges

on Nov 27, 2017

I was offered my choice of free gifts for taking an Amazon survey. I chose a small flashlight to carry in my purse and was charged $4.99 shipping charge on my credit card on Nov. 8th, 2017. On Nov. 24th they again charged my credit card $49.99 for the flashlight and was told it was not... / phishing website taking vanilla card details

on Nov 15, 2017 This is a phishing website using name This website taking card details and then using on shopping websites. You can open that link and then open You can also enter any wrong card number then it will shows you a message...

Jetco BancNet. Asia Pacific International Cebu, Philippines BOX / activation of my atm card account no.

on Oct 29, 2017

On 10/18/2017 I received my express easy doc. {exd] dhl. From: mr. james peter. 2118 mdre ignacia street Malate 1004 manila Philippines the contact ph: [protected] * Received email: mr. terry white, [protected] Mr. n keanaaina please send copy (picture) of your atm card both... / pop up ads that appeared to be childporn and beastality related

on Oct 16, 2017

A pop up add from website that appeared to be of a hidden childporn and beastality website. This is unacceptable and I am currently trying to find a better way to report this disgusting popup add. If anyone else has seen this popup with a greenish looking slime logo please... / invasion of privacy

on Oct 8, 2017

I opted-out of a people search company called They confirm this in my e-mails to them, but they did not remove my name from the web. They created a uniform resource locator (URL) with my name, a list of 100 persons below it, and many locations where they have lived. I... / pemf

on Oct 2, 2017

This is a complete scam, I cant believe the site is still open. I paid 11, 500 for a pemf unit to presumably Jared G (most likely Gelerter). Who is the registered owner of the company. He says he is just a salesman and cant do anything and will never give me anyone else phone number. It i... / yahoo mail being hacked

on Sep 13, 2017

my mail address given above is consistently being hacked by a user. in fact i presume he is sending all spams using my ip address. I on my part have been changing the password consistentlt(now four times) to ensure privacy. even my email has a prefix as - Varvara Marie -Mrs Varvara... / blackmailer and spam site

on Aug 12, 2017 this is a blackmailer and spam site, which extorts money to remove false complaints, run by cheats and criminals, asked for money from me to remove bogus complaint posted by themselves. Remove the spam from the internet, I know about all the spam site run by...

Bizapedia / sells personal info that it collects for free

on Aug 4, 2017

I tried to remove my personal info, but the company refused It is registered in NV and the state has strong privacy laws. email/call the secretary of state of NV and VOICE/ COMPLAIN your concerns. Phone: [protected] FAX: [protected]* Email: [protected] BIZAPEDIA, LLC NV Business ID: ...

Scam /conman alert: qingdao flying industrial co. ltd, swedbank ibn no. se3680000810599648561406 +86 159 9864 8021 / photocopy paper scammer conman

on Aug 1, 2017

QINGDAO FLYING INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD, SWEDBANK IBN NO. SE3680000810599648561406 I wish to bring to your notice that above named is fraudster/ scammer company with an account in your reputable bank as a leeway to scam/ carry online criminal activities. He has phished the website of a genuine... / scam or real company

on Jul 20, 2017 have a friend in Liverpool UK who wants to send me some items lap top i phone watch t shirt clothes and some cash so i want to know weather this courier company is real or fake. I have not received the items until now as i posted an email to an email of the company to stop it, but there wa...

Response Processing Center / Tax free funeral expense

on Apr 5, 2017

PO Box 3015 Indianapolis, Indiana [protected] Rec'd card in mail, unsolicited 2017 Benefit information for Indiana residents only You may qualify for a state-regulated program to pay for your final expenses. It is important you know how to qualify for this benefit available to you. Thi... / Privacy concern for orders originating outside the US

on Jan 13, 2017

When ordering from outside the US, the purchase goes through, but will be cancelled soon after. They will claim that the customer's IP originated from Jacksonville, Fl. US. which is complete nonsense as you are ordering from outside the US to begin with - that IP is probably their own...

Enom Jobs77 / Enom jobs77 phising mafia

on Nov 5, 2016

Once you register your information is locked and cannot be deleted. There is no communications to any customer care. Information stays on for years even if it no longer exsited. Possible resell of info for spam purposes. the register is equally a detestable public view. Probally a...

Creating Power / Creating power's law of attraction by karim hajee

on Sep 7, 2016

Karim Hajee is a internet scammer. He and his Creating Power's Law of Attraction products should be removed from the internet. Purchased a $145.00 Law of Attraction with 90 day guarantee. Have requested a refund within the time period, but Karim Hajee and Creating Power has refused to refund my... / Fake webshop with "branded" glasses

on Jun 3, 2016

I bought three pieces of glasses from this website. The cost of those goods was about €81. My credit card was properly charged for that amount. The goods never arrived, but what really upset me was that the fact that I repeatedly contacted them about this problem and I never got an answer...

unknown / case number calling

on May 6, 2016

Called and said they wanted me to contact them back or they will proceed with filing the case against me, turns out is just a scam. Automated computer voice that calls you, when you call back, you are on hold for a long time, then nothing. All scam.

DNSUnlocker / Malware

on Jan 15, 2016

This virus interferes with the operation of the computer and the antivirus companies can not get rid of it. It tried the best antivirus programs including Avira, AVG and SpyHunter. At this point if I knew where the creater is I would sue them. / Payment not received

on Oct 3, 2015

On Oct 1st, 2015 my sister tried to sell a gift card through this site. Right after she put the card details in the site went to a blank page. She waited to hear back about a payment, nothing happened. Within hours the card was drained at Target in Las Vegas according to Target. We tried...

Scam, Possible by Apps. Service Inc. / Email stated that I purchased an app for my I phone, that I never had

on Sep 30, 2015

I received an email today from Apps. Service Inc. Stating that Apple ID was just used to download MY EE 15$ CAD from the App Store on a computer or device not previously been associated with that Apple ID. They want me to update my service and provide my security and Apple ID information...

Sps Review Forum PROOF "Hope" IS A SCAMMER. / Scam, Phishing, Defamation - Review Site.

on Sep 25, 2015

No one could have this extreme feelings of doubt, mistrust and paranoia and be able function, much less post on the internet. It just seems to me that would lead to forced hospitalization. To see her put someone so gifted as scam showed her real intent. Ir's plain to see she started the...

Zicasso Handcrafted Travel / Company Uses Prospective Employees Bank Accounts to Transfer Money

on Jul 26, 2015

I applied to work for this company as a Travel Coordinator and they required photocopies of all my identity be scanned and emailed along with my personal banking information including daily withdrawal limit and the daily hours of operation of my bank along with my personal bank account...

Confirio / scammers

on Apr 7, 2015

ConfirioThis site was not asking any money from me but from the ladies l have send messages for reading my messages, one year before! The receivers was complaining about paying to scammers too much but l was not be sure. Most of the letters l have received was from black girl and boys with white...

shopping webstie / Refund of Rs 52,500/- paid to shop on(No product received)

on Mar 28, 2015

shopping webstieDear Sir/Madam I am Sanjay from Assam. And I am a frequent online shopper. Today, I want to bring before you following few lines about my worst online shopping experience with shopping website and need your kind favour and necessary action. • Sir, On 24/02/2015 I received a...

Stephanie Walker / Spam

on Jan 8, 2015

Phishing - bogus advertising - Spam from Stephanie Walker with this email addresss: [protected] You're a 2015 Candidate! You were recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent your professional community in the 2015 Business Who's Who Registry among Executive...

Granite IC Exchange / Spam and False accusations on Complaints Board posted by anonymous posters.

on Dec 30, 2014

Spam and False accusations on Complaints Board posted by anonymous posters. A person who is unknown to us is upset with a completely different company. The Poster is upset with ERAI an industry trade group that we are a member of but have no other affiliation. There is no shared ownership...

E Cigs Brand / Scams

on Nov 7, 2014

E Cigs BrandTo anyone who is looking for E-Cigarettes, I strongly suggest staying away from this company! I will tell what happen to me but to give you a short summary, they offer a 15 day trial only charging $4.95 for shipping. What they don't tell you is that you are enrolled into a monthly...

Entrust Energy / Signing fraud

on Jul 27, 2014

On July 23, 2014 around 2-3 in the afternoon two men dressed in Entrust Energy blue and tan pants knocked at my door and others in the neighborhood in Spring Texas on Jay Street & Lynngate Dr. These so called sellers of energy stated at my front door and others that they were here and...