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goldflyservices.com/site/en/fleet/index.html / scam or real company

Lakshmana Raj Raja on Jul 20, 2017
goldflyservices.com/site/en/fleet/index.htmli have a friend in Liverpool UK who wants to send me some items lap top i phone watch t shirt clothes and some cash so i want to know weather this courier company is real or fake. I have not received the items until now as i posted an email to an email of the company to stop it, but there wa...

Petco / pricing on website

Monica Rodgers on Jul 16, 2017
PetcoToday I went on your site to look at dog beds and food! I found large dog beds for $2.99!!! I ordered 3 and when I went to checkout, even with the coupon code from this morning's email, it was $134.00!!! That's just not right to suck people into that and then at checkout you pull something...

Yahoo! / web browser

James Fitzpatrick on Jul 6, 2017
Ever since the turnover O/A June 8, 2017, of Yahoo to Verizon management my Yahoo account has been besieged by a daily barrage of spam and unsolicited ads and emails (sometimes more than 50 items per day) from all kinds of vendors. Since I feel that the new management has had a change of...

Western Union Malaysia / unethical behavior

krmoody on Jul 6, 2017
From: hinkle, deanne [mailto:deanne.hinkle@marriott.com] Sent: wednesday, july 5, 2017 6:37 pm To: unwumt@mail.com Subject: payment approved: transaction: wumt-my-7910202017 **above individual is claiming $7600/day by email via un organisation payout center through western union malaysia, to...

Radaris / misinformation about myself

Jay Rossbach on Jun 1, 2017
I ran a report on myself. It had my age, address, family members, and friends completely wrong. I asked them to remove my information from their site and Google which they said they would do 3 months ago. Nothing has changed. These people need to be reported to the DOJ and more as they are...

Kijiji / failure to protect consumers

JohnMarcie on May 22, 2017
My ads on Kijiji have exposed me to scammers, I had to change my number due to the crazy person writing me. Kijiji did nothing despite y complaints, allowing this person to continue to post ads. I had a virus on my computer because of a set up. A fake ad got me to respond and it put a...

KLS Softech LLC / scamming people on the name of microsoft

Joyce wolff on May 20, 2017
In January I go the Horrific sound and blockage on my computer with Microsoft's number to call. I called that number as i was left with no other choice. They scammed me of over 400 dollars and said i am good to go for next 2 years. after that i had problems again, i kept calling them...

Safecart / Money has been taken, without my permission

aarena on May 3, 2017
You have taken 36, 56 euro from my bank account. I never remembered asking you for anything. Pls refund me as soon as possible. SafeCart855-432-0727customerservice@safecart.comN° ordine commerciante.NWPC-E2810161917-19VUY-TWUPW Dettagli acquisto Importo oggetto 36, 56 EUR Pls answer to thi...

NA / Fake ad posted

GR1967 on May 1, 2017
A fake ad for sex has been posted on your site using my phone number in the post. The post is recurring in all parts if the country. I have received hundreds of texts and phone calls in the last few hours. This is the post https://escortbabylon.net/#!/chicago/info/3128335189/21418438 Please remove it immediately!!! I did not generate the post but they are using my number.

Purolator / false claim of delivery

Janet Hudgins on Apr 19, 2017
19 Apr 2017 2:13 PDT ticket@buysellphotos.com Purolator Business Account: 78997 Dear customer, We noticed a pack was left at our office for you, but the address on file keeps showing wrong address. We recommend that you get the receipt of the parcel and verify the correct address for us to bring the parcel to you. Thanks! Purolator Inc. Reconfirm

Response Processing Center / Tax free funeral expense

David Breeden on Apr 5, 2017
PO Box 3015 Indianapolis, Indiana 46209-9300 Rec'd card in mail, unsolicited 2017 Benefit information for Indiana residents only You may qualify for a state-regulated program to pay for your final expenses. It is important you know how to qualify for this benefit available to you. Thi...

Yahoo! / security of my inbox

hiha on Mar 29, 2017
My account is hacked twice or three times a day and I have been changing passwords like crazy (two - three times a day). There are two IP adresses unkown to me : -one in Montreal (I will send the IP as soon as the account in breached again) -one in Sherbrooke - Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada Wed...

All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology / Phone calls

Greeley on Mar 23, 2017
I received a phone call today from a gentleman, Peter Williams and his phone number 315-215-0971, who claimed to work for Microsoft Corporation. He said our product key had expired and we needed to renew it or the computer would stop working. He said he could fix it by putting the software...

800notes.com / Disgraceful and fake

Norman Granger on Feb 17, 2017
This website is merely a rant collection for people who received an unwanted call and attracts all sorts of misfits. Posts are mostly trollers who seek attention and have arguments over who called and how to get even with telemarketers/scammers/debt collectors. There are posts containing links to...

Boss Revolution / Spam/scam texts and calls

Stella Hickey on Feb 14, 2017
Received 2 texts saying I had signed up to this service I've never heard of. Then received 2 robo phone calls as soon as I deleted the texts and blocked them. The following day received another robo call and looked them up to see this is their M.O. Not sure what the scam is but I'll be...

Letgo / false email address

ereggdfd on Feb 14, 2017
Someone has signed up for Letgo with my email address, William_Treadway@yahoo.com, I would really like to get this taken down ASAP as it was not me and I am continually receiving emails about items and inquiries - your swift action on removing my email address would be greatly appreciated...

Badoo.com / phone verification - the call never happens

Qui Peccavit on Feb 10, 2017
Badoo forces me to enter my telephone number before it is even possible to access my profile. Unfortunately, the call never comes ... They have no problem charging my PayPal account and therefore know darn well who I am, so what's this nonsense supposed to be good for? Their pretexts for...

Evcigarettes.com / Privacy concern for orders originating outside the US

AnEverydayJoe on Jan 13, 2017
When ordering from outside the US, the purchase goes through, but will be cancelled soon after. They will claim that the customer's IP originated from Jacksonville, Fl. US. which is complete nonsense as you are ordering from outside the US to begin with - that IP is probably their own...

Begroup.co / unauthorized using of my personal information

Complainant92120 on Nov 19, 2016
Begroup.co used my information without my authorization, i think they're using information from google+ for my profile on their website, and i remember that i never registered on their site! And i need my profile on their site removed as soon as possible because i dont want people to find...

Skrill / scam took away my money

Neha1 Gupta on Nov 7, 2016
I placed a request to withdraw my money in May. http://prntscr.com/d442bm Skrill lost my money. Bank has already said that they did not receive it http://prntscr.com/d2wp9l http://prntscr.com/d2wp36 Skrill says that they will refund my money when they receive it from bank. Disgusting it...
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