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Phishing Complaints

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http://check-onevanilla-balance.com/ / phishing website taking vanilla card details

profile1 on Nov 15, 2017
http://check-onevanilla-balance.com/ This is a phishing website using onevanilla.com name This website taking card details and then using on shopping websites. You can open that link and then open www.onevanilla.com You can also enter any wrong card number then it will shows you a message...

Hoobly.com / scammer - phishing fake hoobly support

stfs4 sail on Nov 15, 2017
Hoobly.comBe aware fake Hoobly support contacts. Received a notice through Hoobly from person pretending to be a support person from Hoobly with a gmail.com email address. Here is the text: hooblysupportteam21 Dear Hoobly user. We the Hoobly support team wish to inform you that, we have noticed...

Yahoo! / hacked again

Kym Farquharson on Nov 3, 2017
Hello Yahoo, on the back of having all my contacts hacked a few years ago I have tried to shut down my account but the hackers have my contacts. Yesterday, they sent a blanket email to my contacts and used my name as the name of the email address. The address was not mine but people...

Geeeks-World / internet tech support scammer

J.A.Nice58 on Oct 30, 2017
Customer ID: GT1608246 October 29th, 2017 Dear Natilia; BBB Tip: Tech Support Scams In this con, scammers pose as tech support employees of well-known computer companies and hassle victims into paying for their "support." You are told only a tech support employee can fix the problem, and...

Jetco BancNet. Asia Pacific International Cebu, Philippines BOX / activation of my atm card account no.

Norman A Keanaaina on Oct 29, 2017
On 10/18/2017 I received my express easy doc. {exd] dhl. From: mr. james peter. 2118 mdre ignacia street Malate 1004 manila Philippines the contact ph: 27746071 * Received email: mr. terry white, activation@asiacardcenter.com Mr. n keanaaina please send copy (picture) of your atm card both...

Xhamster.com / pop up ads that appeared to be childporn and beastality related

JR919 on Oct 16, 2017
A pop up add from xhamster.com website that appeared to be of a hidden childporn and beastality website. This is unacceptable and I am currently trying to find a better way to report this disgusting popup add. If anyone else has seen this popup with a greenish looking slime logo please...

Yahoo! / phishing using email

C Tey on Oct 16, 2017
Yahoo!I've just receive an email claiming to be a friend of mine using almost similar email except a misspellings send to me email.i notice 1 alphabet incorrect. The email use for this phishing :tl_tenco@yahoo.com I also suspect my friend email may have been hack.please investigate into thi...

publicrecords.com / invasion of privacy

rantandrave on Oct 8, 2017
I opted-out of a people search company called publicrecords.com. They confirm this in my e-mails to them, but they did not remove my name from the web. They created a uniform resource locator (URL) with my name, a list of 100 persons below it, and many locations where they have lived. I...

pemftrader.com / pemf

JLindsey on Oct 2, 2017
This is a complete scam, I cant believe the site is still open. I paid 11, 500 for a pemf unit to presumably Jared G (most likely Gelerter). Who is the registered owner of the company. He says he is just a salesman and cant do anything and will never give me anyone else phone number. It i...

Maybank Group / Malayan Banking Berhad / nuisance calls from maybank

StevenLOW on Sep 18, 2017
I have been receiving calls from Maybank marketing department repeatedly (almost once every week) for a person whom I have no idea! I am Lee Onn Wah, a chinese name obviously, who just returned to Malaysia last year and bought this new Hotlink number. I have been receiving frequent calls from...

Yahoo! / email

Kathy Haire on Sep 17, 2017
Yahoo!I have been getting in upwards of 5 w-mails per day that are OBVIOUS spam and highly offensive. They all have "?" or other special characters in the subject line. They also have offensive words in the subject line with a letter or two replaces. It appears that the majority of them are...

vibhorsharma86signyahoo.com / yahoo mail being hacked

vibs on Sep 13, 2017
my mail address given above is consistently being hacked by a user. in fact i presume he is sending all spams using my ip address. I on my part have been changing the password consistentlt(now four times) to ensure privacy. even my email has a prefix as - Varvara Marie -Mrs Varvara...

Yahoo! / yahoo mail

jennymichaels81 on Aug 28, 2017
I am being harassed by the same scammers over and over again they keep sending me get rich quick scams I have blocked and blocked them. this is one of the emails I keep receiving and I have not asked for in anyway shape or form From: Viktoriya To: Tomorrowpfan Sent: Monday, 28 August 2017...

1500Cash.ca / Payday Loans & Cash Advances Company / fake payday loans provider

yan gary on Aug 26, 2017
1500Cash.ca / Payday Loans & Cash Advances CompanyTotal scam. After filling the application and give all my personal information. I signed the fake contract. We called the police about them today because they is no money to be deposited in your account after five days and withdraw 150$ in my account. There is no "loan". All they want to do...

Yahoo! / yahoo mail

Aaron Wroot on Aug 20, 2017
For an unknown reason I have been receiving excessive junk email. Approximately 20 per day. They are all obviously spam and I am quite surprised they are passing the junk mail filter. The often contain explicit subject titles or use "special characters". Despite marking them all as spam I am...

Youtube / ads

Anthony Hendra on Aug 12, 2017
Would like to report the possibility of my YouTube program being hacked as I've already blocked this user msldh or msIdh, but his ads keep showing. Please report this violation of consumers rights. Thank you. I do not wish to see such annoying and irresponsible ads. It has no relevance to...

http://www.consumerforums.in/ / blackmailer and spam site

Ramsing Chowhan on Aug 12, 2017
http://www.consumerforums.in/ this is a blackmailer and spam site, which extorts money to remove false complaints, run by cheats and criminals, asked for money from me to remove bogus complaint posted by themselves. Remove the spam from the internet, I know about all the spam site run by...

Bizapedia / sells personal info that it collects for free

user12v on Aug 4, 2017
I tried to remove my personal info, but the company refused It is registered in NV and the state has strong privacy laws. email/call the secretary of state of NV and VOICE/ COMPLAIN your concerns. Phone: 775-684-5708 FAX: 775-684-5725* Email: sosmail@sos.nv.gov BIZAPEDIA, LLC NV Business ID: ...

Scam /conman alert: qingdao flying industrial co. ltd, swedbank ibn no. se3680000810599648561406 http://www.qddoublepaper.com tel.no +86 159 9864 8021 / photocopy paper scammer conman

estatemall on Aug 1, 2017
QINGDAO FLYING INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD, SWEDBANK IBN NO. SE3680000810599648561406 I wish to bring to your notice that above named is fraudster/ scammer company with an account in your reputable bank as a leeway to scam/ carry online criminal activities. He has phished the website of a genuine...

Boss Revolution / discounted international calling minutes

Jason Roy Huntington on Jul 21, 2017
Boss RevolutionIn June, I received some unsolicited text messages from Boss Revolution. Simultaneously several charges were made to my checking account using my debit card number. I never signed up for this service so I can only conclude that BR obtained my debit card information dishonestly. I didn't...
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