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T Oct 04, 2019

I tried numerous times to get in touch with all your sites with no luck they keep referring me back to the same page where it says if I want to deactivate my ad click here and it brings you back to another page that says click here and it brings you back-and-forth to the same page where you can't get in touch with you I've tried numerous times to have my ad D activated you're actually posting a fake ad my pictures are four years old and the phone numbers or deactivated the phone numbers associated with the account are [protected] and the other number is 213 Dash 260 Dash 1799 I've been arrested for this already and I'm on Probation and PTI in the email associated with this account my probation officer has I will gladly go to the police because what other trouble could I possibly get into a report your site for copyright you took my ads from Backpage and other sites that I posted on if I don't hear back with you from in a week I'm going to retain an attorney go to the police there's no way to get in touch with this company and it's ridiculous you have 68 of my pictures up I'm trying to not get in trouble with my probation officer and if she sees this ad and then I'm still active or believe that I'm still active I will go to jail so I'm going to go to the police with in the next week you can reach me at the email that I will leave with you because I already have an email with you your technically posting a fake ad because the pictures are over 3 to 4 years old and the phone numbers are deactivated I've had enough I want these pictures down immediately you're affecting my life I lost my nursing license and I'm trying to get it back in this one then no way help if I don't hear from you in a week you'll be hearing from my attorney I've already retained one and said I should try one more time to get in touch with you I have no problem reporting your site which is illegal now thanks to trump so this is not a threat this is a promise I will retain an attorney which I already have and have them contact you the phone numbers associate With the account are [protected] and 213 Dash 260-17 99 the names used were rayne hell and tempestRealize I have nothing to lose the police already arrested me for prostitution so what's my loss in going to the police to say these are copyright Acts you took my ad from Backpage and other sites that I had posted on remember I have nothing to lose you do because I'll report your site for escorting which is illegal so I suggest you take my heads down ASAP

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    Read the ad above I want my pictures taken down immediately under that phone number is 801 Dash 503–2459 and 213–260 Dash 7099 if these pictures are not taken down I will reported to the police and I will reported to my probation officer because I’ve already been arrested for this you’re technically posting fake ads because I haven’t been in the sun to work for more than three years and the pictures are over four years old I have no problem with going to the police because I wore been arrested for it so why do I have to lose you’re the want to have to lose I have nothing to lose but only game this is a copyright infringement act take my pictures down immediately or you’ll be hearing from my attorney which I hardly retained

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