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Zarzaur & Schwartz Complaints & Reviews

Zarzaur & Schwartz / Fraud and cheating


Back in May, I received a dunning letter from Zarzaur & Schwartz, PC advising that I owe Citibank, South Dakota, NA. I responded to the letter via certified mail requesting validation of this account in question. I received another dunning letter (which is the same letter from before)from the attorney in question and I mailed another ceritified letter requesting validation. Then I received a letter threatening to sue stating the courthouse information and everything, looking as if they have already filed a lawsuit. I mailed another certified copy of a letter requesting validation. I never...

Zarzaur & Schwartz / Fraudsters and cheaters


I too have become familiar with this company. Initially they called me relentlessly at work. I wrote to them disputing the claim that was against me spelling out the fact that my son was on Medicaid and what my insurance did not cover Medicaid did, and that the doctor had agreed to this since he was the one that encouraged me to get my son on Medicaid. The next thing I know I am getting a letter from the courts, that I answered. I did not hear anything more until I went to refinance my home. I found that the company had placed a lien on my home. I called Zarzaur & Schwartz and spoke to someone...